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How Food Packaging Plays an Integral Role in Food Safety

With National Food Safety month in full swing, and Pack Expo 2016 on the way, InduSoft is exploring how best practices for food and beverage packaging can improve food safety outcomes globally. Generally food quality takes priority when it comes to food safety regulation, but storage of food and beverage product and ingredients and their packaging can play just as key a role in maintaining the integrity and safety of food products.

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A Brief History of Food Safety Regulations in the United States

In honor of National Food Safety Month in the United States, InduSoft is looking at some of the ways that food safety regulations have improved the quality and safety of food here, and around the world. Many food safety standards in the United States have correlating standards in other countries, and any food processing or manufacturing plant must often adhere to international standards for food safety in order to sell products globally. Continue reading

Informações Sobre a China International Industry Fair 2013

A InduSoft participou recentemente da China International Industry Fair 2013 em Shanghai na China, estando presente no estande de nosso parceiro a ICP-DAS. Durante a feira, fizemos algumas observações que podem se tornar tendências de um futuro próximo. Continue reading