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What Future Do You Predict for Wearable Computers?

A decade ago, there was little demand for smartphones. Even as the technology developed to the point where smartphones and tablets could be mass produced, there was no market for them. Apple changed that when it introduced the iPhone and made an attractive product that could ease consumers into the smartphone market. Later, it followed up with the iPad. Neither product was the first or only product in its class, but the introduction of both did drive demand. Now, Google is attempting to recreate that model with Google Glass. Glass is not the first or only wearable computer, nor is it the only Heads Up Display model on the market, but Google hopes that when it releases Glass to consumers, it will create demand for wearable computing that didn’t previously exist. Continue reading

Is a Heads-Up Display the Future of HMI?

InduSoft’s development team is currently test driving the Explorer version of Google Glass, which will be available for consumers later this year. The device, as it exists right now, clearly is not yet ready for a consumer or an industrial market, but the possibilities it presents are very exciting! After experimenting a bit with Glass, here are some observations about the face-front display, and how it might be used in an industrial setting, along with the new challenges such a device may present. Continue reading