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Choosing between InduSoft Web Studio, CEView, and EmbeddedView for your HMI Application

InduSoft Web Studio is an integrated development environment, which allows you to design, develop, troubleshoot, and maintain HMI/SCADA applications and deploy them into different platforms (operating systems). Even though the development environment (and the application) is the same for any platform, InduSoft offers different runtime editions suitable for technical and commercial constraints on each platform: InduSoft Web Studio (full) runtime, EmbeddedView runtime, and CEView runtime. Here is a quick comparison of these runtime editions in order to help you better chose the version you need. Continue reading

Using InduSoft EmbeddedView on Embedded Computers

Many current computers that handle functions such as kiosks, directional assistance (way finding), digital signage, industrial applications, control systems, Point of Sale (POS), building automation, hospitality or government applications operate on an embedded operating system like Windows Embedded XP or Windows Embedded Standard 7. These computers need special SCADA software especially designed for use in embedded systems. Continue reading