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InduSoft Takes Honorable Mention for Best HMI Software in Engineer’s Choice Award

InduSoft, which won three awards in 2010 for HMI and SCADA software, gets another nod in 2011 with the Engineer’s Choice awards. This honorable mention for the best HMI software is one of many from Control Engineering. InduSoft is proud to continue this tradition by releasing the best SCADA software on the market. Continue reading

What are SCADA Companies Doing to Stay Competitive?

SCADA companies are working harder than ever to compete. There is certainly a lot to keep up with. Now that SCADA software has strong enough legs to be a match for a DCS, and PLC manufacturers use a multitude of protocols for their hardware, SCADA companies have to be innovative in order to offer a great software that offers the most compatibility, and the best value. SCADA software today has to be able to work in dozens of industries, do a variety of tasks, and do them all well. Continue reading

How users can get the most out of SCADA Companies

Not all SCADA companies go above and beyond to provide users with an effortless user experience. But even for those who do offer exceptional services with their SCADA and HMI products, there are ways for users to get even more use out of the SCADA software company they are working with. In fact, we’d love to see you take advantage of all the support we can give you! Here are some ways to get the most out of your SCAD A HMI software: Continue reading

Is your HMI SCADA software Competitive with DCSes?

Frost & Sullivan think so! A recent DCS (distributed control system) market report by Frost & Sullivan, indicated that SCADA companies and HMI vendors such as InduSoft are swiftly taking over the DCS world. HMI SCADA software like InduSoft Web … Continue reading