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Using Sample Applications to Fine Tune InduSoft Web Studio Projects

InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful HMI/SCADA software with many different tools available to develop HMI and SCADA projects. Some of the best opportunities for casual training in InduSoft Web Studio are available right on the site in the form of sample applications. Feel free to take advantage of this resource for ideas on how to approach challenges using InduSoft’s tools. Continue reading

Tips for Designing Multitouch HMI Applications in InduSoft Web Studio

Designing a top-notch interface for a touch-screen panel PC involves some careful planning. In addition to designing an HMI that is easy to use and intuitive, developers should also bear the medium in mind. Touch-screen technology represents some unique challenges to interface design, but by paying attention to details such as the physical environment the workspace and by adding in a margin of error, developers can design truly effective HMIs for touch-screen PCs. Continue reading

Trends in Automation: When Industrial Automation Intersects Video Games

As long as there have been computers we’ve been finding ways to turn software into entertainment. The result of the innovation poured into creating video games has resulted in interesting ways to interact with and use our machines that are being applied to industrial settings. Here we’ve explored a few of the ways that industrial automation and modern video games have borrowed from and intersected with one another, and how video games may offer clues about what we can expect from industrial software in the future. Continue reading

InduSoft Is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

InduSoft has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for over seven years. This partnership with Microsoft ensures that InduSoft has all the top tools and resources to make a fully Windows compliant SCADA software solution. Because of InduSoft’s partnership with Microsoft, InduSoft was able to develop the first full Windows CE and Windows Embedded HMI/SCADA solution, and using the Internet Explorer browser, InduSoft is able to offer a full Web Thin Client, as well as cloud-based solutions, with all the benefits and features of InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

Haben Sie Gewusst: Treiber Runtime in InduSoft Web Studio

Wenn Sie das Haupttreiberblatt in Ihrem InduSoft Web Studio Projekt verwenden, erstellt die Treiber Runtime automatisch im Hintergrund mehrere Kommunikationsgruppen je nach Protokoll-Spezifikation und startet die Kommunikation mit den Steuerungen. Wenn Sie in Runtime-Modus sind, werden Sie das kleine Treiber … Continue reading

Haben Sie Gewusst: Verwenden Sie mehrere Monitore mit InduSoft Web Studio

Frage: Wie erstelle ich eine Anwendung in InduSoft Web Studio, die auf vier Monitoren der gleichen Maschine angezeigt wird? Zwei Monitore sind horizontal und zwei vertikal angeordnet. Wie zeige ich vier separate Anwendungsbildschirme an, einen auf jedem Monitor? Oder alternativ, wie … Continue reading

InduSoft Takes Part in Signing Event with KDT Systems and the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

InduSoft was honored by being asked to take part in a signing event hosted by the University of Texas Gyeonggi – UT Innovation Program, and GSBC, a small business program in Gyeonggi Province. The event featured Korean businesses signing agreements with business partners in the United States. The event is the result of over four years of work done jointly by the University of Texas and the Gyeonggi provincial government. Continue reading

A Trip Through the Automation Graveyard – Beware the Zombies!

Automation is an industry that is constantly changing as technology changes. Some hardware and software platforms adapt, but others become obsolete and are consigned to the automation graveyard. This year, InduSoft decided to take a look at some of the technological occupants of the Automation Graveyard – and at a few of the zombies that died a long time ago, but linger on in the form of legacy systems that refuse to be laid to rest! Continue reading

New Case Study – Graham Engineering Reinvents Blow Molding Machine Interface

InduSoft has added a new case study! Graham Engineering used InduSoft Web Studio to develop the HMI for their blow molding equipment, and has reported great successes in streamlining their line of machines. Continue reading