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How to Get Free Training for SCADA/HMI Development

Everyone gains new skills in an individualized way. For some, visual aids work best, while hands-on practice offers the highest benefit for others. InduSoft has worked hard to address different learning styles to enable every user of InduSoft Web Studio to shorten the learning curve and start tackling HMI and SCADA projects immediately. Continue reading

InduSoft Launches New On-Site and Virtual Training Opportunities

InduSoft has always been pleased to offer HMI and SCADA training courses in our facilities in Austin, TX. Now we’ve added a new location to our current training sessions, as well as more courses in Spanish. Now users can get … Continue reading

InduSoft Welcomes New Educational Partner: Lodz University of Technology, Poland

InduSoft recently welcomed a new educational partner to the group of educational institutions and research facilities using InduSoft web Studio.

Lodz University of Technology will be using InduSoft Web Studio as a part of their curriculum.

To see other educational partners, please visit the InduSoft Web Studio Educational page, where you will find student projects and more information on becoming a part of the InduSoft Web Studio educational program. Continue reading

InduSoft Training Hosted by ICP-DAS in Wuhan, China

In December, InduSoft partner ICP-DAS offered an InduSoft Web Studio training session in their Wuhan, China facility. This was a 4 day training course. ICP-DAS shared some applications with customers, including applications for rail road operation, shopping mall management, vaccination room monitoring, and building automation. Three project managers were there to talk with customers, in order to better understand their requirements for upcoming projects. The Studio Mobile Access mobile HMI client was the most exciting part for users. It is possible to easily control the light or air conditioner in the training room using their own mobile devices. Continue reading

Reduce the Learning Curve of Your HMI to Save Time and Increase Efficiency of Operators

Among some of the useful tips that help users maintain an effective and flexible SCADA or HMI project, one of the most important involves educating machine operators who will be using the HMI you develop. Unfortunately, trained operators may come and go, leaving those with less training to take over machine control. So how can HMI developers leverage their SCADA/HMI development software for operators? Simple – by putting everything they need at their fingertips. Continue reading

InduSoft Takes Honorable Mention for Best HMI Software in Engineer’s Choice Award

InduSoft, which won three awards in 2010 for HMI and SCADA software, gets another nod in 2011 with the Engineer’s Choice awards. This honorable mention for the best HMI software is one of many from Control Engineering. InduSoft is proud to continue this tradition by releasing the best SCADA software on the market. Continue reading

Can SCADA training in InduSoft Web Studio offer experienced users more for their money?

Every SCADA software user, from SCADA integrators to in-house plant engineers understand that in order to get the best SCADA application, the ability to use all the tools at hand is important. That’s why even the most experienced IWS users can still benefit from a training class covering all of the tools available in InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

How users can get the most out of SCADA Companies

Not all SCADA companies go above and beyond to provide users with an effortless user experience. But even for those who do offer exceptional services with their SCADA and HMI products, there are ways for users to get even more use out of the SCADA software company they are working with. In fact, we’d love to see you take advantage of all the support we can give you! Here are some ways to get the most out of your SCAD A HMI software: Continue reading

Is your SCADA Training Up to Date?

SCADA training is more than just a part of managing a SCADA system. Good training will practically guarantee less downtime, because with extensive training in your SCADA software, you’ll be able to catch problems quickly and resolve them, rather than having to call in an expert every time something goes amiss. Even SCADA companies like InduSoft that offer superior technical support understand that good SCADA training is the foundation of successful automation. Learning the software from qualified instructors will prove valuable in setting up and maintaining your SCADA system. Continue reading