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ICS- CERT and US-CERT’s Role in protecting Against Cybersecurity Threats

We’re gearing up to experience Halloween, the spookiest time of the year. There’s little scarier than cyber threats aimed at SCADA and HMI systems, as we recently learned in massive DDoS attacks that targeted IoT devices. That’s why this week, we’re exploring the history of ICS-CERT, and US-CERT, an organization responsible for analyzing and reducing cyber threats, vulnerabilities, disseminating cyber threat warning information, and coordinating incident response activities. Continue reading

What We Can Learn From Apple – Embracing New Technology Can be Painful, but Necessary

Visit the internet today, and you’ll be certain to find people wailing about the new change to Apple’s iPhones – namely, the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. This transition will not be easy for many, and some will never miss this port. Apple is not even the first manufacturer to get rid of the headphone jack – Lenovo and Moto have both released phones without them. Continue reading

Trends in Automation: New Stentrode Could Enable Brain Machine Interfaces without Invasive Surgery

This month, DARPA announced that a research team has developed a neural-recording device that can be implanted through blood vessels like a stent. This device was created with the funding of DARPA’s Reliable Neural-Interface Technology (RE-NET) program. Continue reading

A InduSoft Convida Todos a Visitar à SPS IPC Drives 2013 em Nuremberg na Alemanha

A InduSoft gostaria de convidá-lo a visitar à SPS IPC DRIVES 2013 em Nuremberg na Alemanha de 26 à 28 de Novembro. A feira destaca a exibição mais importante da indústria de automação na Europe, além de contar com os melhores especialistas da área. Continue reading

Únase a InduSoft en Agosto para un Webinario en Escalabilidad de Sistemas HMI/SCADA

El software SCADA/HMI InduSoft Web Studio fue diseñado para ser escalable, el mismo entorno de desarrollo de InduSoft Web Studio puede ser usado para diseñar aplicaciones que van de pequeños HMIs en sistemas embebidos, grandes plataformas de operaciones SCADA. Unase … Continue reading

¿Desea mas de InduSof?

Indusoft tiene una gama de servicios a disposición de todos los usuarios de Indusoft Web Studio. ¿Necesita ayuda para desarrollar su aplicación SCADA/HMI? Indusoft ofrece servicios de consultoría y desarrollo de proyectos “llave en mano”, permitiendole garantizarle una aplicación SCADA/HMI … Continue reading