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InduSoft Symbol of the Week and Tutorial Video: 15 Minute Andon Application

This Andon tutorial can be used to set up a professional looking Andon digital signage application for InduSoft Web Studio in as less than 15 minutes.  This kind of application is ideal for digital signage, manufacturing dashboards, and production monitoring, and is accomplished very quickly using InduSoft Web Studio. Andon dashboards make it easy to monitor machine performance, line status or production values in real time, on a large screen. Use high definition (HD) monitors, or multi-monitor video walls and InduSoft Web Studio’s features to show production status many meters away. Applications like simple Andon dashboards can improve the efficiency of your production or ensure better quality with less waste by measuring machine key performance indicators. Continue reading

Using SPC with Indusoft Web Studio and How It Relates To Andon

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is used to estimate process capability in manufacturing operations where normally it would be impossible to measure or qualify every single item produced or manufactured. The application of statistics to this unique quality control problem was first addressed by Dr. Walter A. Shewart, a physicist working for Bell Laboratories. He was interested in Brownian motion, or rather, the random behavior of small particles in a fluid caused by the interaction with the molecules of the fluid. Statistical methods for analyzing large numbers of data became useful for handling a study like this, and these methods were eventually applied by him to manufacturing processes producing large numbers of identical goods. Continue reading

New InduSoft Case Study: InduSoft Web Studio Drives Automotive Production in Indonesia

PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia is a manufacturer of brake systems for automobiles and motorcycles, and supplies some of the largest automotive companies in the world. To answer the challenge of modernizing and increasing the efficiency of automotive parts manufacturing, PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia contacted MOSCADS to develop an Andon system that would enable them to respond quickly to plant situations.
Continue reading