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InduSoft Web Studio Sample Application: Selecting Reasons for Alarm When Acknowledging Alarms

InduSoft has added a new sample application that will enable you to add features to your applications that will make audits easier and more efficient, and improve tracking capabilities. This sample application demonstrates how to prompt the user to select a reason for an alarm (from a pre-defined list of options) when acknowledging the alarm Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Sample Application – Copy Class

The tags database in InduSoft Web Studio allows you to create structures and organize information in a meaningful manner. It often necessary to move all members from an instance of one class (structure) into another instance of the same class during the runtime. It’s possible to do this in InduSoft Web Studio with a few simple steps, rather than manually copying each tag. Continue reading

Export Trend History Data from a Microsoft SQL Server Database to a CSV File in InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft has provided a new sample application created in the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software that was developed to export trend history data from a Microsoft SQL Server Database to a CSV file. In order to test the application, you must install Microsoft SQL Server (Users can use Microsoft SQL Server Express, which is free of charge) either on the same computer where the application runs or in a remote computer (as long as you can connect to it from the computer where the application is running). The connection string with the database can be configured during the runtime by clicking on the “Database Link” button from the “Main” screen Continue reading