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History of Automation: The first Machine Patent in the New World, March 1646

“The Cort, considering the necessity of raising such manufactures of engines of mils to go by water, for speedy dispatch of much worke with few hands, & being sufficiently informed of the ability of the petions to pforme such workes, grant his petition (yt no othr pson shall set up or use any such new invention or trade for fourteen yeares, without the licence of him, the said Joseph Jenkes” Continue reading

Thursday’s Podcast : Thirty Years of Industrial Automation – from CRISP to InduSoft

This week’s personal interview was conducted with long-time expert in industrial automation’s evolution, Ernest Roland. Ernest was the co-founder of Crisp Automation, as well as InduSoft. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Wins 2014 Automation Inside Award for Best Automation Software

InduSoft Web Studio was the winner of this year’s Automation Inside readers’ choice awards for Best Automation software. With 26 automation product competitors and votes from 36 countries, InduSoft is proud to receive the Best Automation Software Award. Continue reading

Liveblog Day Two: InduSoft at the Microsoft World-Wide Partners Conference

As reported yesterday, Microsoft had on full display their Windows 8.1 preview. It was on every device shown throughout the Convention Center and on virtually everyone’s laptop or tablet computer. The Windows 8.1 version will be released later this year but if you want to get a sneek peek at it, you can download it here. This will be a free upgrade for current Windows 8 users and when it is finally released later this year, it will be available from the Microsoft Store (the US Store can be found here). Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio in Farm Automation and Food and Beverage Applications

InduSoft Web Studio was recently demonstrated at the Unified wine and Grape Symposium, a conference for vintners. Quantum Automation showcased an application built on the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software platform, and deployed on a laptop connected to a 19” flat panel display. Continue reading