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IoT Adoption on the Rise in Building Automation Applications

As the time gap between consumer technology and automation technology closes, building management systems are being used by increasingly savvy operators who expect that their experience will mimic the interfaces and functions they are able to use outside the office. Here are some of the top trends that more end-users and Facility Managers expect in their building automation systems.

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The Intelligent Building Automation Market Set to Reach 88 Billion by 2022

The Global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies, which reached $63.48 billion in 2015, is expected to swell to an $88.27 billion industry within five years. Growth is driven primarily by factors such as security, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The rise of the IoT is linking more building automation systems together, in order to help facilities reap the benefits of interconnected intelligent systems. Examples include correlative data between traffic and use of facilities can help management determine how best to allocate energy resources and security. Continue reading

Better SCADA/HMI Software helps Building Automation Projects reach Key Sustainability Goals

There are many incentives and motivations driving the push toward sustainable buildings. Green building or LEED certification, a drive toward environmental stewardship, or better efficiency and cost reduction of energy use are all valid reasons to work toward buildings with a low carbon footprint. According to a recent USGBC report, the green building materials market is expected to reach $234 billion by 2019. According to the report, “Today, there are nearly 75,000 commercial projects participating in LEED across the globe, with 1.85 million square feet of building space becoming LEED-certified every day.” Continue reading

InduSoft Releases New Case Study with the University of Texas

The United States Department of Energy has issued a challenge to energy production plants. The goal is to produce 20% of all energy in the United States through thermal energy that is currently unharnessed during the energy production process. Currently, countries such as Denmark produce 55% of their energy through ‘waste’ heat use. Continue reading

InduSoft Driver Update: BACNE (BACnet Master) v3.6

InduSoft has updated the BACnet driver, most often used for building automation projects. The new version adds quite a few features that will make it easier than ever to communicate with PLCs and Controllers that utilize the BACnet protocol. Continue reading