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InduSoft Releases New Case Study – “Engel, Albag and InduSoft Partnership Exceeds Expectations for PVC Compound Manufacturer”

InduSoft has added a new case study, “Engel, Albag and Indusoft Partnership Exceeds Expectations for PVC Compound Manufacturer”. This case study details a system created by Engel Engenharia de Automação Industrial and Albag Sistemas para Matérias-Primas for a PVC compound manufacturer using InduSoft CEView. The results of the project were: Continue reading

Ihre Teilnahme am Programm der InduSoft Zertifizierten Systemintegratoren

InduSoft bietet ein Programm für InduSoft Web Studio Zertifizierte Systemintegratoren. Systemintegratoren pflegen ihre Zertifizierung im InduSoft SCADA-Plattform durch den Nachweis ihrer Kompetenz durch Prüfungen oder legen ein „Proof of Concept“ durch Vorlage einer InduSoft Anwendung. Um einen kompetenten und zertifizierten … Continue reading

Call for InduSoft Case Studies

InduSoft enjoys publishing case studies for applications in a wide variety of industries. These case studies offer an excellent chance to showcase successful applications created by talented engineers. They can also be used to demonstrate the innovative ways operators have employed the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software platform to modernize facilities and save money and resources by improving efficiency through better monitoring. Examples of some InduSoft case studies include applications in farm automation, food and beverage, building management, water and wastewater, oil and gas. InduSoft has even been used to improve the efficiency of drag race cars. Continue reading