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Become an InduSoft Certified System Integrator or Complete Annual Recertification with our Online Test!

Now we’ve made it easier to enroll in the program by creating an online Certified System Integrator test that will let you know whether you qualify for the program immediately after completion. The online test also streamlines the process of re-certification for the program.

The online examination is accessible through the InduSoft CSI Portal. To access the CSI portal, you must first be registered on the InduSoft website and we need to have your log on email address identified as a Certified System Integrator. Anyone from your organization can access the CSI portal, which in addition to the on-line examination, contains useful information and easy access links for training and technical documents. Continue reading

InduSoft Certified System Integrator Patti Engineering Celebrates 20th Anniversary

InduSoft Certified System Integrator Patti Engineering celebrates twenty years of service in control systems integration. Patti engineering was founded in 1991, and operates in Auburn Hills, MI with offices in Massachusetts and Texas. As with all InduSoft Web Studio certified system integrators, Patti Engineering is well versed in the IWS SCADA software solution, as well as VLC shipping and sorting software, and many other automation software and hardware platforms. Continue reading