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Dream Report Webanwendung Demo-Berichtsserver ist veröffentlicht

Ozean Data Systems hat ein neues Dream Report Web Portal eingerichtet, das der Öffentlichkeit den sofortigen Zugriff auf viele Bericht-Beispiele ermöglicht, die mit Dream Report erstellt wurden. Die Demo-Berichte zeigen verschiedenen Branchen der Industrie und wie erweitertes Reporting mit jedem … Continue reading

Join InduSoft Next Week for a Webinar Demonstrating Tips for Using Dream Report in InduSoft Web Studio

Next week, InduSoft will be hosting a webinar featuring an introduction to Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, and tips and tricks for creating reports for SCADA applications using the tools provided by Dream Report from Ocean Data Systems. Continue reading

Using Dream Report with InduSoft Web Studio – A Video Primer

InduSoft has teamed up with Dream Report to offer enhanced reporting capabilities using highly intuitive tools. Dream Report is an easy-to-use platform that can be used to generate complex reports automatically, or on demand.

In this video, see an overview of what Dream Report can do, and watch a batch reporting demo. For more information on Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio, visit our page here! Continue reading

Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio is Now Available to Download

Dream Report is a flexible and comprehensive tool with a user friendly interface where users can customize their own reports, using tools, such as: tables, bar charts, pie charts, screen shots, and other report styles. Users can also create automatically generated reports that cannot be edited, for use in meeting industrial and regulatory standards. Continue reading