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InduSoft hat den Seriellen Modbus Treiber aktualisiert

Eine neue Version des MODBU Treibers, v10.7, steht, neben den anderen aktuellen Treibern, auf der InduSoft Website zum Download bereit. Download the Updated InduSoft Modbus Driver Die neue Version, 10.7, verbessert das Beschreiben der SPS. Die frühere Version hatte einen … Continue reading

Updated FATEK Driver version 2.0 for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft released an updated FATEK FAKON PLC Serial/Ethernet driver, version 2.0. Information about the FATEK driver can be found here.

Download the FATEK v 2.0 driver for InduSoft Web Studio.

The updated driver addresses the following issues:

– Fixed minor bugs from version 1.0

– Enabled the driver to communicate over TCP/IP with multiple PLCs

More information and release notes can be read in the FATEK Help Document that is installed when the driver executable is run after downloading it from the website. Continue reading

Run More than One Instance of a Serial Communication Driver in InduSoft Web Studio

We often get asked, “How can I run more than one instance of a driver to communicate with multiple PLCs connected to different serial ports?” The answer is quite simple. You only have to copy the driver files and rename them. Continue reading

InduSoft has Updated the EATON Driver

InduSoft has recently updated its EATON driver, used with the Eaton ELC series PLC. The newest version of the driver is version 1.2, and it is available to download from the InduSoft site now. The update improves the use of real values when using the serial RTU mode on WinCE on the ARMV4I processor. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Triconex (TSAA) Driver Update

InduSoft is always working to improve the over 240 communication drivers offered with the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software solution. Our driver page lists new drivers for users to download, and we update users on new driver releases as they occur. Continue reading