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Running Studio Mobile Access on a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a great device for everything from personal projects to large-scale Andon systems. InduSoft is busy exploring new and interesting ways these tiny computers can be used in industrial applications, and we’re documenting some of the interesting ways we’ve found to use Raspberry Pi. Continue reading

How to Create a Native-Object Pie Chart Symbol in InduSoft Web Studio

It’s easy to use or build a Pie Chart for use in any InduSoft Web Studio application. Certainly, there are many 3rd-Party ActiveX and .NET controls for sale that have sophisticated business charts and objects that could be used within an HMI or SCADA application. However, the limitation with these objects is the cost of purchasing the objects, and that Microsoft technologies are required to display them, forcing your application to only be run on platforms that support the ActiveX and .NET containers. Continue reading

Indusoft Web Studio Sample Application: Trend Profile

Application Name: TrendProfile, available here in our Sample InduSoft web Studio applications.
Description: Demonstrates how to save, edit, and delete profiles for the Trend control during the runtime, even from Thin Clients.
Platform: Windows Desktop/Server
InduSoft Web Studio Version: 7.1

Download the Trend Profile Sample Application for InduSoft Web Studio here!
Continue reading

InduSoft at the Schneider Electric Software Sales and Marketing Conference

Every year, Schneider Electric Software holds a sales and marketing conference with the goal of allowing product distributors and sales channels to learn more about the products offered by Schneider Electric Software. InduSoft Web Studio was represented at the event … Continue reading

Trends in Automation: Trends to Watch in 2016

As we begin the first week of 2016 we’d like to take some time to examine the growing trends in industrial automation and make our best predictions about where they’re headed in this and coming years. Most of what we are seeing now is a steady upswing of the technologies that emerged in recent years as theories that didn’t necessarily have the available technology for efficient adoption. Now that technology is rapidly catching up, and we expect to see these trends continue throughout the year. Continue reading

Thursday’s Podcast : Thirty Years of Industrial Automation – from CRISP to InduSoft

This week’s personal interview was conducted with long-time expert in industrial automation’s evolution, Ernest Roland. Ernest was the co-founder of Crisp Automation, as well as InduSoft. Continue reading