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InduSoft Report: SPS/IPC/Drives in Germany

InduSoft recently attended the SPS/IPC/Drives show held yearly in Nurnberg, Germany. While this show is mainly a European show, with visitors from all across Europe, there were visitors from the United States and Canada as well. InduSoft had a booth in the OPC UA pavilion. As shown, InduSoft showed a Windows 7 computer running InduSoft Web Studio, serving mobile web pages to both an iPad and Android Phone. In addition, a Toradex board running Windows CE with an InduSoft Web Studio runtime was demonstrated. Toradex, located in Switzerland, manufactures board level products for the OEM market and is a partner of InduSoft. A Raspberry Pi board running a Linux-based OPC UA server, connected an InduSoft Web Studio client HMI was also demonstrated. While the Raspberry PI is not an industrial-grade product, it demonstrates the interoperability of OPC UA running on Windows and non-Windows platforms. Continue reading

Biofuel Production for Transport, Electricity, and Renewable Heat on the Rise, but Facing Challenges

According to the Medium Term Market Report put out by IEA (International Energy Agency), Biofuel production for the global market is expected to rise to 104 billion liters by the year 2020. However, the expectation is that the policy challenges affecting biofuel production and costs in the United States and Brazil will cause biofuel production in those countries to plateau in comparison to the rest of the global market. The report estimates that the gap in development in the highest biofuel producing nations will be made up by new production in non-OECD regions of Asia. Continue reading

Summer Camp with InduSoft – Students 25 or Younger Invited to Develop Game or Demo for a Chance to Win a Kindle Fire HD!

InduSoft is holding a special virtual summer camp this year! From June 2- September 2, anyone under the age of 25 may compete for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD! We will have two age brackets: 18 and younger, and 18-25. Continue reading

The Alien is on the Move – Follow the #InduSoftInvasion Around the World!

InduSoft has started sending out our alien ambassador to travel the globe and visit users of InduSoft Web Studio. Now you can follow the trip around the world on our homepage! Visit to see a map of the world, with images of the places the alien has visited. Click on the locations to see more!

You can also follow the progress on Instagram! Visit the InduSoft Instagram page, or follow the tag #indusoftinvasion to see where the alien has been!

Want to host the InduSoft alien! Let us know at! Continue reading

How to use Remote Database Spy and Remote LogWin Locally in InduSoft Web Studio

Sometimes it is necessary to make changes during application development to tag values or to view the communication between a driver and device or a database, but it is not convenient to have the entire Development Environment visible during Runtime. Using the Remote DB Spy and the Remote LogWin (Output Window) can help you during these times. Continue reading

What Future Do You Predict for Wearable Computers?

A decade ago, there was little demand for smartphones. Even as the technology developed to the point where smartphones and tablets could be mass produced, there was no market for them. Apple changed that when it introduced the iPhone and made an attractive product that could ease consumers into the smartphone market. Later, it followed up with the iPad. Neither product was the first or only product in its class, but the introduction of both did drive demand. Now, Google is attempting to recreate that model with Google Glass. Glass is not the first or only wearable computer, nor is it the only Heads Up Display model on the market, but Google hopes that when it releases Glass to consumers, it will create demand for wearable computing that didn’t previously exist. Continue reading