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Learn More About How the InduSoft Web Studio HMI Software Platform Works With the Invensys Portfolio

In this video, taken at the Invensys software Conference, Andre Bastos, VP of Quality Assurance at InduSoft, explains how the Invensys portfolio of products can enhance and complement InduSoft Web Studio HMI software for machines and embedded systems. Continue reading

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie InduSoft Web Studio HMI Software mit dem Invensys Portfolio arbeitet

In diesem Video, aufgenommen bei der Invensys Software Konferenz, erklärt Andre Bastos, VP of Quality Assurance bei InduSoft, wie die Invensys Produkte mit InduSoft Web Studio HMI-Software für Maschinen und Embedded-Systeme  verbessert und ergänzt werden können. Klicken Sie hier, um … Continue reading

Join InduSoft for the Software Conference & Tech Symposium in Dallas, TX

InduSoft will be participating in the Invensys Software Conference and Tech Symposium this October in Dallas, TX. InduSoft will be hosting two breakout sessions, and demonstrating the capabilities of InduSoft Web Studio at a booth at the event.

At the symposium, visitors can learn about the latest trends and extended capabilities that are creating the opportunity to revolutionize how we approach all aspects of our work – how we interact with the systems we use, new ways to work together, and new methods for sharing information. Continue reading

Exciting Future: InduSoft is Now an Invensys Company!

It is with great pleasure, and much excitement that we announce Invensys’ acquisition of InduSoft. This partnership was created to work on the strength of two powerful industrial automation software providers to serve customers worldwide, and form a stronger framework for developing and supporting the InduSoft products that you know and love. Continue reading