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Throwback Thursday Podcast: John Rinaldi, Founder of Real-time Automation and Author of Industrial Ethernet and OPC UA: The Basics

This week we are proud to welcome John Rinaldi, the founder of Real-time Automation and the author of the book Industrial Ethernet as well as OPC UA: The Basics, An OPC UA overview for those who may not have a degree in embedded programming. He has also written a book on Modbus. All these books are available on Amazon. Continue reading

InduSoft Podcast: Symbols for InduSoft Web Studio

In the newest InduSoft Podcast, Scott Kortier discusses some best practices for creating symbols for InduSoft Web Studio that will speed up application development and allow symbols to be used over and over on multiple screens or across multiple projects.

Take a moment to listen to the ten minute Podcast, or get right to work with making symbols and symbol libraries for InduSoft Web Studio.

We’ve put together a Symbol of the Week series full of useful symbols that can be downloaded for free on our InduSoft Store.
Continue reading

Podcast: Developing HMI/SCADA Applications with Fabio Terezinho

This week we get a rare opportunity to speak to an expert in SCADA/HMI application development. Fabio Terezinho has been in the automation industry for nineteen years – seventeen of those years with InduSoft. Fabio has experience in designing and developing software, as well as in application deployment, so we are excited to present his unique view on best practices for developing HMI/SCADA applications for a multitude of industries and processes. Fabio is one of the patent holders for a method of database gateway communicationmethod, and he is the director of product development and services at InduSoft. Continue reading

Thursday Podcast: Matt Presley, Chief Technology Officer of Conestoga Energy

Matt Presley was raised in Eastern Kansas and moved to Southwest Kansas in 1993 at which time he began work for Harvey & Son Electric. In 1996, while working for Elkhorn Construction, he received his Journeyman Electrician. At Knab Pipeline, he acquired certification in Automation. In 1999, Matt began working with Duke Energy as a Specialist, gaining Microsoft Gold and DCS certifications. Matt’s love of information systems and networking inspires his success. Currently, Matt is Manager of Information Technology Solutions/Automation for Conestoga Energy. Matt writes and creates programs to make the company excel within the ethanol industry. Continue reading

Thursday Podcast: Chuck Adams of Capstone Works Discusses IT Best Practices

This week we are pleased to introduce Chuck Adams, of Captstone Works. Capstone Works has been providing professional IT support for businesses since 2001. With over 33 years in technology, Chuck brings a unique perspective to adding value through technology to the small to medium sized business marketplace. Chuck’s diverse experience in marketing, sales, executive leadership, and “boots on the ground” technology implementations has allowed him to accumulate a wealth of solutions, tools and techniques that benefit small to medium sized businesses. Capstone Works specializes in delivering managed IT services, network support, cloud backup, cloud computing, and disaster recovery. Continue reading

Thursday Podcast: Interview with Chuck Kelley, Expert in Database Technology

This week we are proud to speak with Chuck Kelley, an internationally known expert in database technology. He has over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of operational and production systems and data warehousing. Mr. Kelley has co-authored and contributed to four books about data warehousing and has been published in various trade magazines. More about Mr. Kelley and a full biography can be viewed after the transcript. Continue reading

Thursday Podcast – Interview with MSITec on Robotics and the Future of IoT and IIoT

This week we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to sit down with MSITec to talk robotics, IoT, and industrial automation. If you’ve been dying to check out some of the real-world applications of IoT, look no further than … Continue reading

InduSoft Adds Two New Podcasts, Live From SPS/IPC/Drives in Germany

InduSoft spent last week in Germany for the SPS/IPC/Drives show in Germany. At the show, we had an opportunity to sit down with Thomas Burke of the OPC Foundation, and Robert Lowe of the Control System Integrator Association. Continue reading