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Trends in Automation: Trends to Watch in 2016

As we begin the first week of 2016 we’d like to take some time to examine the growing trends in industrial automation and make our best predictions about where they’re headed in this and coming years. Most of what we are seeing now is a steady upswing of the technologies that emerged in recent years as theories that didn’t necessarily have the available technology for efficient adoption. Now that technology is rapidly catching up, and we expect to see these trends continue throughout the year. Continue reading

Stadium Automation with InduSoft Web Studio

This automated stadium project was created by students Cristian Gallego, Juan Manuel Galiando and Jose Carlos Sanchez, and supervised by teacher and Mgs William Prado as a part of the InduSoft Web Studio educational licensing program. The main objective was to control a stadium, that has three components: an automated sunroof controlled by limit switches, a temperature and humidity sensor, and manual control through an InduSoft Web Studio HMI. Lighting includes both internal and external illumination powered by relays, which are controlled by software manually or set to a timer for 8:00PM. The last component includes monitoring of visitor entry to the stadium. For this component, a barrier sensor registers each arrival and saves them to a text file. Continue reading

InduSoft Renews Certification for OPC Compliance for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI Software

InduSoft has received a renewed certification from the OPC Foundation for SCADA/HMI software InduSoft Web Studio. The renewed certification was awarded for successfully demonstrating OPC excellence in compliance, interoperability, and robustness in the OPC foundation Certification test lab. The OPC … Continue reading

InduSoft Case Study in Process and Control Magazine

Process and Control Magazine showcases an InduSoft case study in the featured section of this month’s issue! Find the case study on page 23 in the print edition, or see it online.
For more InduSoft Case Studies featuring InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, please visit our case studies page!
Continue reading

See InduSoft’s Impact on Sugar, Ethanol, and Energy Technology at Fenasucro

This week, August 27th -30th, InduSoft will be hosting a booth at Fenasucro, Brazil’s largest sugarcane and ethanol energy trade show. If you plan on attending the show, please visit InduSoft in booth BG35, for interactive demonstrations of how InduSoft … Continue reading

Plastic Injection Machine from the Mechanics Laboratory in the Technological University of Pereira Runs on InduSoft Web Studio

The mechanics laboratory in the Technological University of Pereira has developed a new project using the educational version of InduSoft Web Studio. This project makes use of InduSoft Web Studio on a plastic injection machine, with different architectures for electronic hardware running in parallel to the devices already installed on the machine. Continue reading

What to Do When an Old InduSoft Web Studio Application Doesn’t Fit On a New Monitor

Here is the scenario: You designed an application some time ago and the platform that it was designed for was using a 4:3 aspect ratio (example: 1024 x 768) monitor or machine. Now the customer wants to replace the machine because it is getting old, or perhaps they need a second machine installed, and that monitor or machine isn’t available any more – only ones of a different aspect ratio such as 16:9 (1360 x 768) . What can be done to accommodate this change without re-creating the application in new resolution? Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP2 Adds New Development Languages

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software offers many tools for the localization of applications and the development of HMI or SCADA applications in multiple languages. InduSoft Web Studio allows applications to be translated and accessed during the runtime in any language, using the native language tables in the software and a translation tool such as Google Translate. This allows any application to be easily localized for use by operators with a variety of native languages. Continue reading