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3rd NIST Cybersecurity Framework Workshop

InduSoft attended the 3rd NIST Cybersecurity Framework Workshop held at UC San Diego on July 10-12. Since the time of the 2nd Workshop in Pittsburgh held at Carnegie Mellon University, NIST has, with what they call the “Big Brain,” taken all the suggestions and input provided by the attendees of the last workshop, plus anything that was sent to them at and compiled it into a Framework Outline. The purpose of the 3rd Workshop was to fill in the gaps and start to flesh out the framework so it can be applied to the real world. So far, more than 2500 people and organizations have sent in suggestions and recommendations. We estimate that there were over 500 people in attendance in San Diego. It was suggested by NIST that the attendees represented the “Best of the Best” thinkers representing all aspects of Industry, Science, Government, and Education, and that we are to become the ambassadors of the final Cybersecurity Framework. Continue reading