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New Security Information Available from Tofino Security

Tofino Security has a blog post available on their website entitled, “Your ICS Security Strategy: Learn How and Where to Start”. The blog goes on to explain the basics, along with a number of links to excellent White Papers on various aspects of security topics and Defense-In-Depth for Industrial Control/Process Systems, SCADA Systems, and HMIs along with the associated control/distributed control systems (DCS). Tofino has a Plug-and-Play type security solution to assist industrial customers in securing their Control System enterprises and legacy equipment, and it is currently being employed in front of most high security enterprises such as NERC and CHEM verticals using High-Reliability emergency shutdown controllers. The information contained in their latest blog can help you get started in understanding what you need to do in order to begin evaluating and securing your control systems, plant, or processes. Continue reading

Update on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the 4th Workshop

Indusoft attended the 4th and final NIST Cybersecurity Framework Workshop in Dallas (Richardson) at the University of Texas on September 11-13. Executive Order 136367 charged NIST with creating this Framework, which can be applied to any critical infrastructure enterprise, large or small, no matter the industry or vertical. The EO gave NIST 240 days to accomplish this, and the first day of this last workshop was Day 213. The final Framework Version 1.0 document of is due to be published on October 10. Continue reading