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Make Sure You’re On the Most Recent Version of InduSoft Web Studio for Security Updates

The best way to ensure that your HMI or SCADA application is as secure and stable as possible is to keep up to date with the most recent version of the software. The current version of InduSoft Web Studio is version 8.1 + SP1 or 8.1.1. Continue reading

Protecting Internet-Facing HMI Systems

In late 2014, ICS-CERT issued a warning about a Trojan malware called BlackEnergy that has been affecting systems since 2011. While this particular virus attacked General Electric’s Cimplicity HMI, Siemens’ SIMATIC WinCC and BroadWin’s WebAccess, it served as a reminder that systems that utilize internet connectivity remain open to vulnerability. As the Internet of Things gains traction, the avenues for attacking control systems will only increase. Continue reading