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Finding the Automation Employees of the Future

It’s easy to focus on the technology of global industrial automation, but it’s important to remember that people will power the innovations and developments of the future. This week we are taking a look at some of the ways that the changing workforce may affect automation, and how employers can align their values with these trends to find the best employees for the next generation of automation. Continue reading

The Possibilities of Augmented Reality for The Plant Floor

Apple is rumored to be working on a new wearable in the form of glasses, while Snapchat has their own offering, and the too-early Google Glass has already come and faltered. Meanwhile, augmented reality is already living on our phones and game systems, where it is poised to take the next step from entertainment to industry. Here are some observations about the face-front display, augmented reality, and how it might be used in an industrial setting, along with the new challenges such a device may present. Continue reading

New “Highly Dextrous” Robot Capable of Unscrewing bottle caps, Tying a Knot, and Lifting over 100lbs

RE2 unveiled a highly advanced robot last week that’s slated to be used by the United States Military’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC). This development in robotics is significant due to the high level of dexterity the new robot is capable of achieving, which allow it to use one arm as a stabilizing device while the other manipulates an object, lift over 100lbs (despite only weight a diminutive 33lbs) and is vehicle independent. Continue reading

History of Industrial Automation: When Control Technologies Were in Their Infancy

In the early morning hours of November 21, 1980, Lake Peigneur was still a 10-foot deep, 1300 acre freshwater lake in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. The lake was home to sportsmen, and Jefferson Island located on the lake hosted the Live Oak Botanical Gardens and a large house and several large buildings. Sometime around 7:30 AM on that day, a $5 million Texaco oil platform, which had been performing exploratory drilling on the lake, experienced some difficulties with the drill. It seized up and several strange very loud popping sounds were reported by the workers on the rig. Continue reading

Thursday’s Podcast : Thirty Years of Industrial Automation – from CRISP to InduSoft

This week’s personal interview was conducted with long-time expert in industrial automation’s evolution, Ernest Roland. Ernest was the co-founder of Crisp Automation, as well as InduSoft. Continue reading

Indusoft Welcomes New Certified System Integrator Nona Tecnologia

InduSoft is pleased to announce the Nona Tecnologia as our newest Certified System Integrator. Nona Tecnologia is specialized in industrial automation. With over 5 years of experience in the automation market, their professionals are committed to fulfilling the needs of their customers using know-how acquired through years of practical experience. Nona Tecnologia has quality excellence in programming PLC, HMI and supervisory applications. Continue reading