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Protecting IoT Ecosystems from Malicious Apps and Attacks

In today’s video posted by cybersecurity researchers at the University of Michigan it’s possible to see how hackers can gain direct access to an IoT ecosystem. In this case, they hacked into Samsung’s SmartThings and were able to get access to and reprogram PIN codes used to unlock doors to a smart home. Continue reading

Filling “The Huge Void” In the Internet of Things

Simon Bisson recently (and correctly) pointed out that “There’s a Huge Gap at the Heart of the Internet of Things” in an article that showcases the main reason that the smoothly running interconnected systems promised by the Internet of Things haven’t yet manifested in many industries. Continue reading

Trends in Automation: Forecasts and Trends for Automated Vehicles

This January, President Obama pledged $4B for what he calls a “21st century transportation system.” This new transportation system was revealed, in part, to $4B earmarked specifically for research and development of automated vehicles. As a part of this new budget spend, federal regulators are working hard to clarify the “rule interpretation requests” sent in by manufacturers like BMW. These requests allow governing agencies to determine whether features like automated parking assistance fit into current driving standards and regulations. This opens up a dialog between car manufacturers and agencies like the NHTSA, which will allow rules to be adjusted as technology adapts to automated vehicles. Continue reading