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IoT is Expanding Faster than Security Can Keep Up – That Doesn’t Mean Complacency is Acceptable

IoT has truly hit the consumer sphere, and it’s not unreasonable to expect that plants and industrial automation as a whole will soon be incorporating elements of the consumer IoT in the form of camera, motion sensors, thermostats, and more. Whether industrial or consumer grade, it’s rapidly becoming an expectation that the devices we use will be connected to the internet, and that the data they collect will make them more helpful to us. Continue reading

Why System Integrators Who Don’t Embrace IIoT Risk Being Left Behind

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrie 4.0, and Made in China 2025 are being supported by hardware, software, and government initiatives worldwide. Gartner projects 21 billion devices will be connected to networks by 2020. Hardware manufacturers are increasingly developing products with IIoT capabilities, while software developers like InduSoft are finding ways to connect that hardware to industrial HMI and SCADA systems. Continue reading

New InduSoft Case Study: IIoT Brings New Efficiency to Irrigation Control

Conestoga Energy’s Eagle Eye interface is an IIoT irrigation system that allows operators to start and stop irrigation systems and check moisture levels using satellite internet and GPS. The Eagle Eye solution offers a dashboard environment that shows the status of each individual pivot at a location. The system also relays critical information like irrigation patterns and water pressure. Continue reading

The Internet of Things’ Role in Last Week’s DDoS Attacks and How to Protect your Systems

As more details emerge about last week’s massive DDoS attack against DNS Dyn, it’s clear that the lax security in IoT devices is a part of what enabled such a massive attack. While DDoS attacks may not be as serious as data theft or breaches, the events on Friday give us a stark reminder that the IoT is made of internet facing devices that should be as secure as any other system. Continue reading

Protecting IoT Ecosystems from Malicious Apps and Attacks

In today’s video posted by cybersecurity researchers at the University of Michigan it’s possible to see how hackers can gain direct access to an IoT ecosystem. In this case, they hacked into Samsung’s SmartThings and were able to get access to and reprogram PIN codes used to unlock doors to a smart home. Continue reading

History of Automation: Mark David Weiser Predicts IoT in 1988

Mark David Weiser, who died this week in 1999, was a visionary in the field of computer science. Weiser worked as the CTO of Xerox, and was embracing the future of IoT well before the internet was widely accessible. His vision of “ubiquitous computing” almost perfectly describes today’s Internet of Things. He described ubiquitous computing as a future in which personal computers would be be replaced with tiny computers embedded in “smart” devices (everyday items such as coffeepots and copy machines) and share network connections. Continue reading

The Exponential Growth of the Cloud: Introducing the Newest Industrial Trend – IIIIoT ( I4oT)

A few years ago, the Internet of Things(IoT) was an idea, slowly creeping its way into common parlance. Soon after came the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which put the practice of using small, internet connected devices capable of sharing information into an industrial setting, allowing machines or even components to share information freely with the cloud. Continue reading