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Why System Integrators Who Don’t Embrace IIoT Risk Being Left Behind

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrie 4.0, and Made in China 2025 are being supported by hardware, software, and government initiatives worldwide. Gartner projects 21 billion devices will be connected to networks by 2020. Hardware manufacturers are increasingly developing products with IIoT capabilities, while software developers like InduSoft are finding ways to connect that hardware to industrial HMI and SCADA systems. Continue reading

How a Focus on the ‘Why’ of IIoT can Improve Connected Systems

It’s impossible to miss the countless articles that discuss the future of the Industrial Internet of Things, treating the idea that all our devices can and should be connected as a foregone conclusion. There is a barrage of figures to support the burgeoning industry – IIoT funding jumped 83% in 2015 (CBInsights)! China plans to invest $800 million into IIoT by 2015 (Accenture Strategy)! Continue reading

History of Automation: Mark David Weiser Predicts IoT in 1988

Mark David Weiser, who died this week in 1999, was a visionary in the field of computer science. Weiser worked as the CTO of Xerox, and was embracing the future of IoT well before the internet was widely accessible. His vision of “ubiquitous computing” almost perfectly describes today’s Internet of Things. He described ubiquitous computing as a future in which personal computers would be be replaced with tiny computers embedded in “smart” devices (everyday items such as coffeepots and copy machines) and share network connections. Continue reading

Filling “The Huge Void” In the Internet of Things

Simon Bisson recently (and correctly) pointed out that “There’s a Huge Gap at the Heart of the Internet of Things” in an article that showcases the main reason that the smoothly running interconnected systems promised by the Internet of Things haven’t yet manifested in many industries. Continue reading