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InduSoft Web Studio – New SMA Screen Feature in SP2

Starting in version 7.1 SP2, a new SMA (Studio Mobile Access) feature has been added to the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software product. It is now possible to render screens and animations so that they will display on an HTML5 supported device, including Safari, Android, Chrome, etc., devices and browsers. The PC Demo application included with the installation of InduSoft Web Studio is already configured to display the screens in SMA. Here’s how you do it. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio – Neue SMA Bedienbild-Funktionalität in SP2

In IWS v7.1 + SP2, wurde eine neue SMA (Studio Mobile Access)-Funktion zum InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software-Produkt hinzugefügt. Es ist nun möglich, Bildschirme und Animationen so zu erstellen, dass sie auf einem HTML5 unterstützendem Gerät angezeigt werden können, z.B. … Continue reading

OPC Foundation President and Executive Director Thomas Burke Highlights InduSoft Participation in OPC Technology Summit 2012

Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President and Executive Director summarized his thoughts on InduSoft participation in the recent OPC Foundation Technology Summit. Continue reading

InduSoft Offers Live Demo of Tablet and iPad-ready SCADA to Brazilian Television

InduSoft’s Francisco Calmon was recently features on television in Brazil, offering a live demonstration of how InduSoft Web Studio can be used on a tablet to run and monitor a plant. The interview is in Portuguese, but here is a summarized transcript so you can follow along: Continue reading

InduSoft Makes Appearance in Control Engineering Polska

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software is featured in the recent edition of Control Engineering Polska. This article details the release of InduSoft Web Studio v7.1, as well as other great network solutions available through InduSoft Web Studio. The focus of this magazine is mobile workers. Continue reading

InduSoft Has Added new Tech Note to Site – Secure Viewer Thin Client for non-Microsoft Devices

InduSoft’s newest tech note describes the step by step procedure to configure the Windows Server 2008 R2 in order to enable remote connections. Using this architecture,along with the InduSoft Secure Viewer Thin Client solution, remote devices can access the application as independent thin clients, even when such devices run a non-Microsoft platform (e.g.: iPads, iPhones, Android tables and phones, among others). Continue reading

Want to Add Instant Value to Your SCADA/HMI Solution? Add Mobile Support!

In the competitive world of systems integration and machine building, it’s important to have an added value or service that puts you ahead of the competition. Even if all things are equal, a feature with tangible value can really help you sell your solution over that of a competitor. One popular way we’ve seen InduSoft Web Studio users up their game is to offer a fully integrated mobile solution on a smartphone or tablet device that allows machine operators to view and (optionally) interact with their mobile HMI away from the machine, or allows floor managers access to critical process data from an office, or even from home. Continue reading