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OEE in Modern Manufacturing

OEE first entered the modern lexicon in the late 60s. The term OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness was introduced by Seiichi Nakajima at Nippon Denso. OEE served as a key metric in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). TPM was described by Nakajima as “a plant improvement methodology, which enables continuous and rapid improvement of the manufacturing process through the use of employee involvement, employee empowerment and closed-loop measurement of results.” Continue reading

InduSoft Adiciona Nova Aplicação de Exemplo para a Indústria de Empacotamento

A InduSoft adicionou uma nova aplicação de exemplo para os usuários do supervisório InduSoft Web Studio. Esta aplicação de exemplo foi desenvolvida para a indústria de empacotamento e embalagens e possui as funcionalidades OEE. Também demonstramos nessa aplicação relatórios desenvolvidos com Dream Report, além de câmeras na linha de produção. Continue reading

InduSoft Adds New Case Study – Automation Zone Builds InduSoft Web Studio Based OEE Solution

InduSoft Web Studio was used to create an OEE solution for Automation Zone. OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) solutions can help users vastly improve machine performance by providing critical information. Continue reading