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InduSoft Renews Certification for OPC Compliance for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI Software

InduSoft has received a renewed certification from the OPC Foundation for SCADA/HMI software InduSoft Web Studio. The renewed certification was awarded for successfully demonstrating OPC excellence in compliance, interoperability, and robustness in the OPC foundation Certification test lab. The OPC … Continue reading

Upcoming InduSoft Events in Germany

Embedded World 2013

February 26 – 28, Nuremburg

InduSoft will be participating at Embedded World 2013 in the OPC booth. Join InduSoft in Nuremburg this February for demonstrations of how InduSoft Web Studio can create powerful applications for embedded systems.

Embedded World

InduSoft Presenter Page Continue reading

InduSoft Demonstrates OPC XML Addon to InduSoft Web Studio at the European Interoperability Workshop in Nürnberg

InduSoft is currently at the European OPC Interoperability Workshop in Nürnberg to test InduSoft Web Studio v7.0+SP1. The new OPC XML module available as an add-on to Service Pack 1 has been has been validated to work with other OPC product vendors during this event. Continue reading

More Important Automation Terms – Make Sense of your SCADA Software

It’s Friday again, and we’re working on expanding our glossary of Automation terms to help new users decode a few of the mysteries of SCADA software and the automation industry. Data acquisition software is a tough industry to crack if you’re new to it, and the jargon can really present a roadblock. Continue reading

What to be excited about in InduSoft Web Studio v.7.0

InduSoft Web Studio version 7.0 is gearing up for release in September. Current users of IWS certainly won’t be disappointed, nor will new users who are testing the 7.0 SCADA demo software for the first time. There are a lot of great new features available in 7.0, from an advanced user interface to OPC compatibility, and multi-language support. Continue reading