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What makes InduSoft Web Studio the Best SCADA software?

We stand behind our claim when we say that IWS is the best SCADA software on the market. We spend millions each year, and countless hours of development ensuring that InduSoft Web Studio evolves along with technology yet doesn’t leave you behind. Our mission is to design a SCADA HMI software that will allow users to develop and application once, and then deploy it anywhere. Continue reading

Remote SCADA Systems : The Structure of a Wireless SCADA Setup

There are countless ways to set up a SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition system), and many ways in which this setup can be made portable or remote, regardless of the complexity of the networked hardware. Vast manufacturing plants can be monitored from a central headquarters, or even while traveling. This is very useful for operations that necessitate multiple or remote sites. Where facilities used to have a team of people monitoring equipment, now there may only be one or two responsible individuals. Continue reading

Is your SCADA Training Up to Date?

SCADA training is more than just a part of managing a SCADA system. Good training will practically guarantee less downtime, because with extensive training in your SCADA software, you’ll be able to catch problems quickly and resolve them, rather than having to call in an expert every time something goes amiss. Even SCADA companies like InduSoft that offer superior technical support understand that good SCADA training is the foundation of successful automation. Learning the software from qualified instructors will prove valuable in setting up and maintaining your SCADA system. Continue reading

iPhone SCADA Accessibility with Studio Mobile Access

If you’re running any kind of remote SCADA operation, you’ve probably been faced with the prospect of having to run down to the site at least once when something is amiss. This usually happens when it is late at night or when the roads are bad due to weather conditions. Building automation, water/wastewater treatment, or renewable energy automation may all require remote SCADA that can’t be accessed without at least a thin client of some kind. Continue reading

A Revolution in Mobile SCADA and web based HMI!

Did you know that InduSoft was the very first HMI SCADA software to support the Windows CE operating system and its supported platforms? This was a revolutionary move in wireless SCADA and remote HMI, and now InduSoft CEView commands a huge user base. Continue reading