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InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: HMI/ SCADA Menu and Screen Buttons

These attractive buttons are a quick way to create SCADA or HMI interfaces that include reports, trends, recipes, and menu options. Use all, some, or adapt them to create your own application in InduSoft Web Studio quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

New InduSoft Web Studio Sample Application: Custom Widget Library Web Browser

This application for InduSoft Web Studio demonstrates how to use the WebBrowser custom widget from the product library, allowing the user to:

Set the URL property of the custom widget to display:
Offline content (videos, pdf documents, etc)
Online content (web sites, YouTube videos, etc)
Capture and handle events generated by the Web Browser Continue reading

Creating Key Indicators for Multiple Applications in InduSoft Web Studio

In some industries, it’s not uncommon to have several different SCADA applications running simultaneously on different licenses of the SCADA software. While extrapolating data from each of these individually is no problem, it can be an additional challenge to compile data from all the applications into one source. Here are some options for compiling key indicators from multiple applications into one easily viewable format. Continue reading