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InduSoft Welcomes New Educational Partner: Lodz University of Technology, Poland

InduSoft recently welcomed a new educational partner to the group of educational institutions and research facilities using InduSoft web Studio.

Lodz University of Technology will be using InduSoft Web Studio as a part of their curriculum.

To see other educational partners, please visit the InduSoft Web Studio Educational page, where you will find student projects and more information on becoming a part of the InduSoft Web Studio educational program. Continue reading

New InduSoft Web Studio Projects from Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Colombia

In April, InduSoft featured an educational partner, the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia. This program has been developing a wide diversity of projects using the educational version of InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software. Previous projects have included a lottery system, a coffee drying process, and a plastic injection machine application. The head of this program, Julián Eduardo Granados Piraván, also recently sent us images of some new projects the students are developing. Continue reading

InduSoft Educational Partner Spotlight – Pennsylvania College of Technology

InduSoft has added another educational partner to its list of partners using InduSoft Web Studio for HMI and SCADA applications in an educational setting. Pennsylvania College of Technology has started to use InduSoft Web Studio to engage future engineers and give them the skills needed to compete in the current workforce. Continue reading

InduSoft Grants Educational License to Scheepvaart en Transport College in the Netherlands

InduSoft works with educational partners around the globe to share and exchange ideas. In addition to providing SCADA software licenses for educational programs, InduSoft also works with institutions to develop and learn from their research. InduSoft’s latest Educational license was granted to the Scheepvaart en Transport College in the Netherlands, where Yme Dikkerboom works as a member of the STC Group to educate upcoming members of the workforce so they can prepare for jobs in industries such as: transport, and logistical planning in and around ports. This program has educated process operators for factories like Shell, Q8, BP Exxon, and more. The program has expanded greatly since its origins as a training program for maintenance personnel. Continue reading