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InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: HMI/ SCADA Menu and Screen Buttons

These attractive buttons are a quick way to create SCADA or HMI interfaces that include reports, trends, recipes, and menu options. Use all, some, or adapt them to create your own application in InduSoft Web Studio quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

Tips for Designing Multitouch HMI Applications in InduSoft Web Studio

Designing a top-notch interface for a touch-screen panel PC involves some careful planning. In addition to designing an HMI that is easy to use and intuitive, developers should also bear the medium in mind. Touch-screen technology represents some unique challenges to interface design, but by paying attention to details such as the physical environment the workspace and by adding in a margin of error, developers can design truly effective HMIs for touch-screen PCs. Continue reading

The History of Wind Energy and its Strong Future

The use of windpower for energy dates back to the use of sails for waterborne vessels, but historically, windpower has also been used for pumping water and milling grain. It’s possible that the use of windpower may date back over five millennia of human history, with the sailboats the Egyptians used to navigate the Nile. True windmills were born four thousand years ago in ancient Babylon, and were in wide us in the 10th century in Iran and Afghanistan for the purpose of grinding grain. Continue reading

InduSoft Contributes Control Engineering Cover Story for July 2013

InduSoft contributed this month’s cover story for Control Engineering’s July 2013 edition. The article, “The future of control: New technologies for the next generations”, can be read in the print edition of the magazine, or online. Continue reading

Visual Guide for Building InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA Applications

Over on the InduSoft Tumblr, exciting things are happening! We’ve just posted an infographic that will take you step by step, and illustrate how to build an application in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software. Click on the first image, and then click through to see the whole thing one step at a time.

Build an InduSoft Web Studio Application in Just Ten Steps Continue reading

Using Bar Graph Fill Animation in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

Bar Graph fill functionality is quite useful when creating special effects within animated screens in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software. This fill is different from using a resize animation since the animation actually fills an object of any shape, rather than changing the size or shape of an object. Where you can use the resize animation to grow a rectangle based on the value of a tag, the Bar Graph animation can fill the object, which looks nearly the same. But what if the object is not a rectangle? Whether a rectangle, ellipse, or a closed polygon, the Bar Graph Fill animation will fill the object with a specific color based on a tag or expression value from the left, right, top, bottom or center. Continue reading

InduSoft Is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

InduSoft has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for over seven years. This partnership with Microsoft ensures that InduSoft has all the top tools and resources to make a fully Windows compliant SCADA software solution. Because of InduSoft’s partnership with Microsoft, InduSoft was able to develop the first full Windows CE and Windows Embedded HMI/SCADA solution, and using the Internet Explorer browser, InduSoft is able to offer a full Web Thin Client, as well as cloud-based solutions, with all the benefits and features of InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

Eliminar Tags no utilizados en el Software SCADA/HMI Indusoft Web Studio

¿Alguna vez ha definido tags en la base de datos de su proyecto con InduSoft Web Studio, pero no los utiliza en cualquier pantalla o una hoja de tarea? Debido a que su proyecto SCADA / HMI tiene un número limitado de tags disponibles en función del tipo de producto o el tipo de licencia, es posible que desee eliminar estos tags no utilizados para disminuir la cantidad de tags de su proyecto. Esta función es especialmente popular cuando se importan las etiquetas de drivers que utilizan la base de datos compartida. Continue reading

Removing Unused Tags in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI Software

Have you ever defined tags in your InduSoft Web Studio project database, but not used them in any screen or task worksheet? Since your SCADA/HMI project has a limited number of available tags based on your product or license type, you may want to remove these unused tags to decrease your project’s tag count. This function is especially popular when importing tags from drivers using the shared database. Continue reading

InduSoft Welcomes You to 2013!

InduSoft has plenty going on in this year! 2013 is bringing more webinars, more tablet and smartphone-ready SCADA/HMI, and more of the powerful SCADA software used across the world to propel automation forward. Here are some of the things InduSoft Web Studio customers have to look forward to in January: Continue reading