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Join InduSoft Distributor Sigma Star at the Arab Oil and Gas Exhibition in Dubai

Sigma Star, InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software distributor in Dubai, UAE will be showing InduSoft at the Arab Oil and Gas international trade exhibition for onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries serving the Middle East and beyond. Continue reading

The BACnet Protocol and InduSoft Web Studio

BACnet is a communication protocol for building automation and control networks. BACnet is ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO standardized. Developed under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), BACnet is an American national standard, a European standard, a national standard in more than 30 countries, and an ISO global standard. The protocol is supported and maintained by ASHRAE Standing Standard. Continue reading

Simultaneous Driver Connections in InduSoft Web Studio

Indusoft Web Studio is designed to help users take advantage of the full potential of their industrial automation hardware like PLCs and Controllers. In order to improve performance and reliability even in adverse scenarios, it’s possible to set up simultaneous driver connections on a PLC or other external device. Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software Solution Makes PLC Communication Easy

InduSoft Web Studio was designed with easy communication in mind, and to that end, there are over 240 drivers available for easy communication with PLCs from every major manufacturer. For example, InduSoft Web Studio offers drivers for PLCs from: Continue reading

Communicating to a WAGO Controller In InduSoft Web Studio using the MOTCP driver

This video shows an example of how to connect to a PLC using InduSoft Web Studio HMI and SCADA sfotware. The PLC in this case is a WAGO 750-841 Programmable Fieldbus Controller using the MODBUS/TCP protocol.

It’s important to note that WAGO PLCs may differ slightly from other PLCs using the MODBUS/TCP protocol. Most MODBUS and MODBUS/TCP devices start their addressing at 4X:1, whereas the WAGO controller starts its holding register addressing at 4X:12289. Continue reading