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Using SCADA Software to Send Email Notifications to an Office or Cell Phone

Stay in touch even while away from your SCADA software application, using InduSoft Web Studio to send email notifications to your office or cell phone. Ever need to know what your machine or process is doing when you aren’t right in front of it? Email notifications sent directly from the machine can keep you in the loop. Continue reading

Connection Strings in InduSoft Web Studio

VBScript can be used in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software development for easy configuration and programming of applications. An excellent way to make applications portable in InduSoft Web Studio is to use a command in configuring an application that will provide the same information as a hard coded path. Connection strings that are populated with string tags in curly braces, such as {$connectionString} can take advantage of some convenient VBScript commands that allow users to develop an application on one computer, and then easily port it to another using connection string tags instead of hard paths. Continue reading

How To Tell Your SCADA software to Count to a Specific Number and Then Start Over

There are many instances in which you may need your SCADA software application to accomplish a very specific task. InduSoft makes it easy to set specific parameters for nearly any aspect of an application. Here is an example of how to count up to a number (in this case 8) and start over at the number 1, incrementing the number every 5 seconds. You might need this functionality while scrolling through images of a machine status, for changing images in a digital signage application, while positioning items on a screen, or while demonstrations or sequencing events. You may also need to simulate various real-world I/O without connecting to a PLC or Controller. Here is how this can be accomplished: Continue reading