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InduSoft Makes it Easy To Communicate With the Top PLC Manufacturers

InduSoft Web Studio was designed to be the most communicative SCADA software on the market. Not only does this allow customers to develop a vendor independent SCADA network, but it also ensures easy communication with the top PLC vendor devices so that development is fast and easy to configure. With over 240 drivers, there are no hoops to jump through when connecting to the most commonly used families of PLC devices. Continue reading

Setting SCADA Standards – Build a SCADA System that Grows With Your Process

When planning and developing a new SCADA system, it’s important to put into place standards that will ensure that the project can be easily and efficiently changed when new hardware, software, or additional elements to monitor require an adjustment in the system. The best way to develop standards for a new SCADA system is to start with a flexible SCADA software solution that will allow engineers to be flexible. While it may be tempting to choose a software based around a series of hardware that will form the crux of the system, it’s important to make sure that new elements can be incorporated efficiently, and that the system isn’t locked into a series of hardware that may become obsolete within a few years. Continue reading

Communicating to a WAGO Controller In InduSoft Web Studio using the MOTCP driver

This video shows an example of how to connect to a PLC using InduSoft Web Studio HMI and SCADA sfotware. The PLC in this case is a WAGO 750-841 Programmable Fieldbus Controller using the MODBUS/TCP protocol.

It’s important to note that WAGO PLCs may differ slightly from other PLCs using the MODBUS/TCP protocol. Most MODBUS and MODBUS/TCP devices start their addressing at 4X:1, whereas the WAGO controller starts its holding register addressing at 4X:12289. Continue reading

SCADA Demo Software – Try the Best SCADA Software for free!

When searching for appropriate SCADA or HMI software to monitor a process, the ability to test it out before investing time and money is critical. How is the development environment? What alarms and reports does the SCADA software offer? Does the HMI software package include all the drivers you’ll need? Does it support OPC? Does the program export data that is compatible with your database? The InduSoft Web Studio demo version has full functionality. You can save the project you are working on, you can even test communications. Continue reading

Is your HMI SCADA software Competitive with DCSes?

Frost & Sullivan think so! A recent DCS (distributed control system) market report by Frost & Sullivan, indicated that SCADA companies and HMI vendors such as InduSoft are swiftly taking over the DCS world. HMI SCADA software like InduSoft Web … Continue reading