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Building SCADA and HMI Systems that Resist Obsolescence

When developing a SCADA/HMI application for any industry, it’s important to consider how well it will age. No one wants to be responsible for choosing a SCADA/HMI software platform that will require frequent redesigns to incorporate new technology or expensive investments in replacing obsolete software down the road. Continue reading

The difference between SCADA and HMI – Making Sense of the Automation Acronyms

Are HMI and SCADA related to each other? How?

HMI and SCADA two terms for distinct industrial automation interfaces. HMIs are subsets or components of a SCADA system. Additionally, a DCS or Distributed Control System is very similar to a SCADA system, and may also use one or more HMIs as well. All these components are classes of, or describe parts of, an ICS or Industrial Control System, which is the general description of Automation. In modern control systems, there is a great deal of overlapping technology and functionality between these two classes of ICSs. Continue reading

InduSoft Renews Certification for OPC Compliance for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI Software

InduSoft has received a renewed certification from the OPC Foundation for SCADA/HMI software InduSoft Web Studio. The renewed certification was awarded for successfully demonstrating OPC excellence in compliance, interoperability, and robustness in the OPC foundation Certification test lab. The OPC … Continue reading