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InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: Up/Down Meter

This meter for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI applications provides a digital and analog level indicator with Up/Down adjustments.

If you touch the up/down button the value will increment/decrement by 1. If you hold the buttons down, the value will increment or decrement by a “step” amount that you select. For example, if the step amount is 20 and you hold the “Up button” it will increment the value by 20.

The Up/Down will stop incrementing/decrementing if the value would exceed the Max/Min values. Continue reading

What We Can Learn From Apple – Embracing New Technology Can be Painful, but Necessary

Visit the internet today, and you’ll be certain to find people wailing about the new change to Apple’s iPhones – namely, the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. This transition will not be easy for many, and some will never miss this port. Apple is not even the first manufacturer to get rid of the headphone jack – Lenovo and Moto have both released phones without them. Continue reading

Five Display Trends that Might Drive Industrial Automation Forward

The world of industrial automation is increasingly taking cues from the world of commercial technology design. As engineers develop their skills in a world surrounded by familiar interfaces and virtual representation of analog components it’s easier than ever to incorporate UI and display elements from the devices we use every day. Industrial automation has already incorporated smart devices like tablets and smartphones and taken SCADA and HMI to the cloud. Here are a few trends we’re seeing now that may have new and exciting applications in industrial automation in years to come. Continue reading

Uso de la Animación de Llenado de Barra Gráfica en el Software SCADA InduSoft Web Studio

La funcionalidad de llenado de la barra gráfica es muy útil cuando se crean efectos especiales con pantallas animadas en el Software SCADA/HMI InduSoft Web Studio. El llenado es diferente a usar la animación Redimensionar desde ya que la animación … Continue reading

Automatic Translation of Your SCADA/HMI Application in induSoft Web Studio Has Changed

The feature used by InduSoft Web Studio to translate the content of the application automatically was designed using the Google Translate API v1. Unfortunately, according to Google, “Google Translate API v2 is now available as a paid service only, and the number of requests your application can make per day is limited….Google Translate API v1 is no longer available”. See for further details. Continue reading

Check the Release Notes from InduSoft Web Studio Updates to Reduce Troubleshooting Time and Learn About New Updates!

InduSoft Web Studio is a product that is continuously evolving and growing. Because the software is continuously being enhanced and streamlined for an optimal user experience, InduSoft works to ensure that the product documentation is kept up to date so users can make use of new tools and features as they’re developed. This documentation is available in the release notes for the software versions, which are available on the InduSoft web site. Continue reading