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Hitting Renewable Energy Milestones with InduSoft Web Studio

With the push around the world to invest in renewable energy sources, the best SCADA software companies are working to create solutions for renewable energy markets. InduSoft has made great strides in becoming an integral part of all levels of the renewable energy market, from the smallest HMI and RTU applications, to massive server-scale SCADA systems. Continue reading

InduSoft Offers Educational Licenses to The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, Boy Scouts of America

InduSoft has recently added The Irvine Ranch, Outdoor Education Center Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America as an educational partner. The Irvine Ranch intends to integrate InduSoft Web Studio into their Science Camp curriculum for 2013, allowing students to explore alternative energy through solar power.

Continue reading

Use sample applications to design a great SCADA software application!

Did you know that it’s possible to take a great SCADA application and pick it apart to find out what makes it tick? If you use InduSoft Web Studio, then you have plenty of tools at your disposal for making the perfect SCADA software application. What you may not have, however, is the familiarity with those tools to do everything from scratch. Continue reading

From Oil and Gas SCADA to Solar SCADA and Wind technology, Data Acquisition Software has come a long way!

The energy automation market has really taken off over the past few decades, with Oil and Gas SCADA users slowly making room in the market for alternative energy resources, like Solar SCADA, natural gas SCADA, and wind SCADA. Here is some information on how energy companies use SCADA software to monitor energy production. Continue reading

The Many Faces of SCADA Software

SCADA software companies have a unique task. They have to come up with not only software that is flexible and compatible with many operating systems, but they must also design SCADA software capable of working perfectly in many industries as well. When a SCADA company like InduSoft stays innovative, more and more industries can make use of automation software to increase productivity, and reduce downtime. Continue reading