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Monitoring Water and Wastewater Systems with SCADA

Connecting SCADA systems to the RTUs used to monitor and control water/wastewater systems is becoming simpler, easier and less expensive. With drinking water distribution and wastewater collection systems often spread out over large geographical areas, automation and remote monitoring is crucial, and this is often accomplished by local RTUs, and local and/or remote SCADA systems. Continue reading

InduSoft Has Feature Story in Remote Magazine

InduSoft was recently featured in Remote Site and Equipment Management magazine. The feature article showcases Indusoft’s strength in water/wastewater SCADA, particularly in remote monitoring capabilities. The article also explores why SCADA systems may be the superior choice for water/wastewater applications over a DAS, thanks to the decreasing costs of SCADA software, and InduSoft Web Studio’s ability to leverage remote technologies like cloud access and thin client architectures to further lower development and operating costs of a remote water/wastewater SCADA system. Continue reading

InduSoft Speaking at the Texas Water Utilities Association in May

Continuing InduSoft’s commitment to education on SCADA technology across all industries, InduSoft will be speaking at the Texas Water Utilities Association in May. This talk will be geared toward educating members of the Texas water utilities industry on how their services can be improved through better monitoring and controls using SCADA systems designed specifically for the water/wastewater industry. Continue reading