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InduSoft Web Studio – New SMA Screen Feature in SP2

Starting in version 7.1 SP2, a new SMA (Studio Mobile Access) feature has been added to the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software product. It is now possible to render screens and animations so that they will display on an HTML5 supported device, including Safari, Android, Chrome, etc., devices and browsers. The PC Demo application included with the installation of InduSoft Web Studio is already configured to display the screens in SMA. Here’s how you do it. Continue reading

InduSoft Has Added new Tech Note to Site – Secure Viewer Thin Client for non-Microsoft Devices

InduSoft’s newest tech note describes the step by step procedure to configure the Windows Server 2008 R2 in order to enable remote connections. Using this architecture,along with the InduSoft Secure Viewer Thin Client solution, remote devices can access the application as independent thin clients, even when such devices run a non-Microsoft platform (e.g.: iPads, iPhones, Android tables and phones, among others). Continue reading

A Look at Enhanced SMA in InduSoft Web Studio v7.1

In InduSoft Web Studio v7.1, InduSoft introduces the Enhanced SMA (Studio Mobile Access) client to supplement the original Studio Mobile Access thin client already available. This new thin client option provides critical information in the form of attractive widgets and dials that display important data such as alarms and trending information. Continue reading

News From ICA 2012 – Edex Shows Web SCADA Powered By InduSoft Web Studio

Edex, an InduSoft partner located in Malaysia, recently attended the ICA 2012 show, and has written a report on their experience there. Edex had on display some industrial rack-mounted PCs, including a 42” model running a live display of an InduSoft Web Studio based application. They also had a touch panel HMI displaying an InduSoft solution. Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Thin Client

The InduSoft Web Thin Client is a powerful tool for getting access to SCADA and HMI applications designed in InduSoft Web Studio remotely. The web thin client is especially valuable to plant managers who wish to view a process while in an office or using a smartphone or PDA. OEMs may also benefit from providing a web thin client for use in viewing the HMIs used in equipment. Continue reading

A web-based HMI SCADA solution for multi-platform mobile devices like the iPad, and Android devices – Studio Mobile Access

Studio mobile access is a lesser-known feature of InduSoft Web Studio that truly is the next level in SCADA software. Many InduSoft users rely on CEView for mobile SCADA supplications, but what about those of us who carry an Android Phone. A Blackberry? How about an iPhone? Continue reading