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Using Multi-Touch for a Single InduSoft Web Studio Screen

In InduSoft Web Studio it’s possible to configure multi-touch gestures in order to help zoom in or rotate and bring to focus information on an object or a single screen. This particular use could include creating a screen background with a schematic or process diagram that is too complex to view when looking at the whole screen. We’re showing this functionality today on a wind power application to mark our month of alternative energy, but this can be applied to almost any InduSoft Web Studio project. Continue reading

Hitting Renewable Energy Milestones with InduSoft Web Studio

With the push around the world to invest in renewable energy sources, the best SCADA software companies are working to create solutions for renewable energy markets. InduSoft has made great strides in becoming an integral part of all levels of the renewable energy market, from the smallest HMI and RTU applications, to massive server-scale SCADA systems. Continue reading

The History of Wind Energy and its Strong Future

The use of windpower for energy dates back to the use of sails for waterborne vessels, but historically, windpower has also been used for pumping water and milling grain. It’s possible that the use of windpower may date back over five millennia of human history, with the sailboats the Egyptians used to navigate the Nile. True windmills were born four thousand years ago in ancient Babylon, and were in wide us in the 10th century in Iran and Afghanistan for the purpose of grinding grain. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Harnesses the Wind in Wind SCADA Systems

InduSoft Web studio has applications in every market for alternative and renewable energy, and continues to expand in the field of Wind SCADA solutions. InduSoft is the perfect SCADA software solution for everything from individual RTUs or massive wind farms running on a central SCADA system. Continue reading

The Many Faces of SCADA Software

SCADA software companies have a unique task. They have to come up with not only software that is flexible and compatible with many operating systems, but they must also design SCADA software capable of working perfectly in many industries as well. When a SCADA company like InduSoft stays innovative, more and more industries can make use of automation software to increase productivity, and reduce downtime. Continue reading

Did You Know? InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software can incorporate a browser ino any screen.

InduSoft Web Studio is the top SCADA software for very good reason – the best functionality and compatibility. IWS is known for packing in the features, without increasing the footprint of the SCADA software. One of these additional features is a valuable function that allows IWS users to drop an ActiveX or .NET browser window in any screen, and launch it, without leaving the program. Continue reading