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InduSoft Releases SCADA Visualization App for Windows 8

InduSoft today announced it has launched an InduSoft Visualization App for Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft’s highly-anticipated new version of its Windows operating system.

As the first SCADA/HMI app designed specifically for Windows 8, the InduSoft Visualization App offers mobile access to your InduSoft Web Studio application on Windows 8 devices. This application allows you to develop attractive interfaces with easily customizable widgets that display alarms and trend history in an easy-to-read format. Continue reading

Plan Ahead for Changes to your Operating System

Did you know that there are still 300 million users of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system in use today? XP is still a common operating system used in netbooks, laptops, and desktop computers. Many still use this operating system because it is stable and has a familiar graphic interface, but Windows XP is not destined to stick around forever. Continue reading