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Molautomation Integrates Electrical equipment using DNP and Modbus drivers from InduSoft Web Studio

Molautomation offers Energy Management applications using InduSoft Web Studio for SCADA in Peru

Figure 1: Molautomation uses InduSoft Web Studio drivers like DNP and MODBU to get current, power and voltage values, which can be integrated using SQL or OPC.


Molautomation, located in Peru, is an integrator for many industrial processes such as water treatment, oil & gas, smart homes, energy management, and many other industrial applications. Molautomation uses InduSoft Web Studio as the primary SCADA software for all solutions. When approached by a customer to integrate a General Electric digital bay controller to control the energy transmission and consumption for three stations, Molautomation turned to InduSoft for the SCADA solution.

The Challenge

The customer required a SCADA application that could communicate wirelessly with multiple sub-stations. They also needed a solution that would allow them to integrate this system with other existing systems, and provide accurate and historical and real-time data.


InduSoft Web Studio offers over 250 native drivers, including DNP and MODBU, which allows the system to send and receive critical energy management information like current, voltage, and power parameters. In addition, native tools like SQL and OPC UA can be used to integrate new SCADA systems to an existing monitoring and control system.


The Solution

Molautomation integrated the new SCADA system using a wireless 900Mhz frequency to send data to and from the control center. They also developed the graphical interface, configured drivers, and set timeout parameters to receive signals reliably. This was all accomplished using InduSoft Web Studio.


Electrical distribution in Peru represents a large business opportunity. In Chiclayo, there are many sub stations using equipment from General Electric, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Fanox, each representing different communication and integration challenges. The devices are capable of sending data such as frequency, power consumption, and power levels; important values to measure the power available to customers at any given time. Due to the critical nature of the process, it is mandatory to integrate the information into monitoring dashboards using SCADA software to receive reliable and accurate historical and real-time information.


Many companies in Peru use similar devices and electrical transmission configurations to ensure the quality of energy measurement values in their distribution lines. Molautomation’s client for this project was a company managing thirteen regional cities, and represented a fantastic opportunity to showcase InduSoft Web Studio’s tools and integration capabilities.


Molautomation began work on the integration solution using a wireless Zigbee architecture to send and receive values over the air. The distance was about two kilometers from the center. They also set up the communication configurations to allow the DNP and Modbus protocols to communicate from the F650 device to the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA system. Due to topology and permission constraints, Molautomation opted not to use RTUs to collate this date before sending it to the SCADA system.


They tested communications, and configured the DNP and Modbus MAP to send values to both the equipment and SCADA application.


Indusoft Web Studio was easy to work with throughout the driver configuration and integration process. After adjusting timeout and value parameters, the information could be delivered to the control center without interruption.

The Results

Molautomation has used InduSoft Web Studio to integrate almost every device represented in a typical electrical distribution and transmission system. The DNP3 protocol has become standard in Peru for most measurement devices. This allows system integrators to use the native InduSoft Web Studio DNP driver for communications. Because the driver is included in the SCADA software solution, it gives integrators an advantage when it comes to quoting prices for customers, and clients have been very impressed by the capabilities Molautomation can offer when using InduSoft Web Studio.


Molautomation also offers water treatment and smart home SCADA solutions, which combine technologies such as IIoT and remote monitoring to offer impressive results.


Another advantage using InduSoft Web Studio offers to Molautomation is the ease of upgrading and maintaining the software when compared to other options available on the market.


The experience of using InduSoft Web Studio gave Molautomation a new outlook on how electrical distribution and monitoring companies operate the different station architectures and leverage equipment capabilities. This experience improves Molautomation’s ability to provide remarkable results for the electrical distribution market using InduSoft Web Studio.


According to Jorge Molano of Molautomation, “As integrators, we’ve had a great experience exploring many of the electrical monitoring systems here in Peru. In our country, SCADA electrical systems use OMS and DMS solutions, which present an exciting challenge to work with in the future. The most important data points include current, voltage and energy use. With each of these monitored in a SCADA solution, clients can make better, faster business decisions.”

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