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quinta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2017

IIoT Brings New Efficiency to Irrigation Control

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Agricultural Internet of Things (AIoT) play a significant role in the agricultural industry thanks to the IoT’s ability to offer real-time data acquisition for remote components, centralized data storage, data analytics, and the ability to access data from any device connected to the internet.

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segunda-feira, 15 de maio de 2017

Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity with InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA Applications


InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier)
  • Introduction
  • Some of the security features in InduSoft Web Studio
Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity (Giovane Pucci)

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Tags: webinar indusoft, indusoft webinar, iot, cloud, security, cybersecurity

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terça-feira, 18 de abril de 2017

IoT solutions with InduSoft Web Studio and Arduino in Coating Processes


InduSoft (Scott A. Kortier)
  • Introduction
  • InduSoft Overview
  • What is IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0?
  • InduSoft IoTView 
  • Additional Resources
Structural Coatings Inc. (Bill Mars)
  • Why InduSoft?
  • Arduino Remote Access via Modbus Slave
  • Data Collection

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Tags: webinar indusoft, indusoft webinar, iot, remote access

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quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2017

Webinar en Español: InduSoft IoTView


InduSoft (Joel Fernández Cusi)
  • Introducción
  • ¿Qué es IoT? (y otras ideas relacionadas)
  • IoTView y nuevas características
  • Driver de comunicación: MQTT
  • Demonstratción
  • Aplicación de deomstración
  • Guardar en Base de datos
  • Recursos
Preguntas y Respuestas

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sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2016

InduSoft IoTView


InduSoft (Vinicius Chicone)
  • Introduction
  • What is IoT, IIoT and other related ideas
  • IoTView and New(er) features
  • MQTT driver
  • Demonstration
    • Demo application
    • Save to database
  • Resources
  • Questions & Answers

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Tags: indusoft webinar, iot, iotview, iiot, indusoft iotview

Categories: Videos, Webinars, Technical, IoT