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Notas de Lançamento para o InduSoft Web Studio

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Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio v8.1 (Tuesday, October 31, 2017)

18579IssueResolved issue when opening a screen that has mnemonics, Checkboxes and Radio buttons did not receive the parameters from Custom Properties unless placeholder Tag was configured
20363IssueResolved issue with the Trend Task, when configured to use Redundancy, the Synchronization was not working as expected when there were more than 1024 records to be synchronized.
20646IssueResolved issue with the Redundant Database option for Alarm History, where the automatic synchronization was not working properly when the secondary DB became unreachable and, after coming back up, it was leaving out the Record that triggered the Synchronization.
21307IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Control object not working as expected depending on the "Selection" field configuration for the Alarms
21308IssueResolved issue with the Database Gateway *StADOSvrCE.exe" not working properly on Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE)
21848IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for Siemens TIA Portal that was not working with user defined structs contaiting arrays of nested structs.
22019IssueResolved issue with the "Condition" field on the GRID Control object, which was not working when we use the NOT LIKE comparison option
22045IssueImproved the TCP Server and Clients communications reliability to avoid communication problems when messages are discarded by the client and the server send a late response.
22069IssueResolved issue with the TwinCAT (TWCAT) Tag Integration which did not save a use a custom TCP port different than 851
22126IssueResolved issue with the runtime Viewer module when starting several instances at the same time
22463IssueImproved stability and performance of all the Tag Integration data sources
22472IssueResolved issue with Tag Integration for TwinCAT (TWCAT) creating an extra array position and causing communication errors
22475IssueResolved issues with the Siemens TIA Portal Tag Integration functionality when using user defined structs that contain arrays of structs or structs of arrays
22507IssueResolved issue with the Alarm/Event Control that was not properly filtering the messages depending on the Start Date and Time and the Time Zone
22703IssueResolved issue with the Alarm Configuration for the  Rate  type which, after saving a Alarm Worksheet containing that Alarm, it would overwrite any Rate setting to 1/s
22764IssueResolved issue with the Tag Integration for RSLogix 5000 (ABCIP) configuration window not accepting host names, only IP Addresses
23284IssueResolved a Stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability
18121RequirementImplemented support to the Smart Message native object in the Mobile Access solution
18122RequirementImplemented support to the List Box native object in the Mobile Access solution
18123RequirementImplemented support to the Push Button native object in the Mobile Access solution
18142RequirementImproved the Trend Control in the Mobile Access solution with the addition of the "Auto Scale" capability
19936RequirementAdded the Alarm and Event Control objects to the Mobile Access solution
20102RequirementImplemented OPCUA Server on IoTView, Embedded View and Windows Runtime.
20105RequirementImplemented a new unified way to license Thin Clients
20380RequirementImproved the Tag Fields usage on the Mobile Access solution to allow a behavior similar to the Local Viewer
20479RequirementUnified the OpenSSL versions across the different Requirements
20679RequirementModified the Insert Linked Picture command to allow keeping the image original size
20821RequirementResolved issue with Retentive Values being lost sporadically on the FullIntegrationSDK and on Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) runtimes
21055RequirementModified the "Reset Tags Database" command to also reset the Tag Quality to GOOD (192)
21226RequirementModified the Event Logger to start creating records when an invalid user is entered when trying to Log On
21390RequirementImproved the VBScript debugger to have a better performance including popping up variables and tag values when hovering the mouse over them
21549RequirementIncreased the stability when stopping the OPC-UA client task.
21822RequirementRe-implemented the System Tag "LastCodeChar_"
22098RequirementImproved the Mobile Access solution to add support for the built-in Grid object
22099RequirementMigrated the Windows OPC UA Client to use OpenSSL 1.0.2k
22144RequirementModified the "Previous" column on the Event Logger Control to start collecting also the first time that a tag value has changed
22390RequirementImplemented an option on the App file so that the built-in $Open() function, when resizing objects, do not resize the fonts
22713RequirementImproved the Trend Control object to increase the precision of the Cursor Value property,
22841RequirementImproved the RSLogix5000 ABCIP Tag Integration to implemented support for StringFamily Tag Family Types
22948RequirementImprovements on the PanelMate Import Wizard related to Wrapping the Captions inside the imported objects
22953RequirementModified the Development Environment to stop capitalizing the letters of screen names when they were being added to Screen Groups
23178RequirementImproved the tcp server protection against clients connecting with a different version of the tags database.
23427RequirementImproved the Studio Database Gateway to always close all the open database resources avoiding denial of service on projects that require substantial database queries.
23460RequirementImplemented the WriteOutOfRange custom parameter to work also on Web Thin Clients
23908RequirementResolved issue with Custom Fonts not appearing on the Fonts selection Dialog