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Notas de Lançamento para o InduSoft Web Studio v6.1

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InduSoft Web Studio v6.1 + Service Pack 6 + Patch 3 (Wednesday, June 09, 2010)

ID Type Description
1055 Change Request Modified ViewerCfg.exe program in order to warn user when the configuration file (Viewer.ini) is not properly created
1446 Change Request Modified screen editor to optimize memory allocation
1458 Change Request Changed the OPC Client DA to avoid errors when the OPC Server does not return the canonical type for items.
1582 Change Request Changed the dump functionality in order to retrieve more information.
1258 Issue Modified DRIVER task to properly create the Virtual Groups when there are tags with Scan configured as Always and Screen
1265 Issue Modified the product to support the compiled version of the GraphiScript (scriptgraphics.isc). It allows the user to remove the editable graphic script file from the application (scriptgraphics.gis) in order to protect the intellectual property. This option will be available only when the user enables the use of screen files in the SCC format ("SaveScreenScc" parameter of the [Screen] section of the <ApplicationName>.app file). Please refer to the product documentation for further information.
1271 Issue Modified the Driver task to support tag field writes when the option "Send Every State" is selected.
1331 Issue Modified "Print Preview" functionality to work properly with all documents
1382 Issue Fixed problem that the Driver Runtime was not taking modifications made on the Standard Driver Sheets when the "Enable Read When Idle" field was active.
1433 Issue Updated SNMP files for WinCE
1469 Issue Modified ISSymbol to avoid problems with certain devices that would cause the runtime to freeze after running for a few hours
1470 Issue Modified driver task to properly handle the reading actions for Virtual groups and Standard Driver Sheets when there are tags configured with scan for Screen and Always
1478 Issue Modified Trend Legacy object to optimize data acquisition for long periods of time
1479 Issue Modified ISSymbol to create a new internet session using an application name when connecting with IIS
1495 Issue Fixed problem with dialogs on Alarm Control object that were not being translated when the Translation functions were being used
1501 Issue Modified ISSymbol to allow commands from objects placed behind the GRID object to be executed also on Web Thin Clients
1503 Issue Modified e-mail solution in order to support multiples EHLO answers from the different SMTP Server
1515 Issue Modified the scheduler to support bit fields as triggering events.
1584 Issue Fixed issue when starting the runtime with a large number of startup screens
1585 Issue Modified the the development environment to store the user application selection in the user folder instead of the program files folder.
1594 Issue Modify the product to support alarms on tags configured on row over 16338
1596 Issue Improved the replace capability when working with huge applications.
1591 Issue Fixed issue that causes the Viewer to disconnect from the server when an action done in the Viewer takes a long time.
1610 Issue Fixed the SetTranslationFile function in order to work properly on WindowsCE.

InduSoft Web Studio v6.1 + Service Pack 5 (Thursday, January 15, 2009)

ID Type Description
1141 Requirement Added hardkey license support for CEView.
1275 Requirement Updated the software to ensure full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 (both 32-bits and 64-bits).
1278 Requirement Improved CEView to run on Windows CE devices that do not support DCOM. Only the OPC DA interface is still not supported, because it specifically requires DCOM.
1387 Requirement Added the entry "SecureViewerWatchDogTag" to the application file (application_name.app). This instructs the Secure Viewer to watch a specified tag (by default, the system tag ServerTime_), and if the tag value does not change before the timeout is reached -- indicating that the Server has failed or the Secure Viewer has otherwise lost its connection to the Server -- then the Secure Viewer automatically switches to the designated backup Server. The application file entry can be edited to specify a different tag.
1389 Requirement Added "Disable Commands" option to the screen attributes, to allow programmatic disabling of all user interaction in a specific screen.
955 Change Request Modified the Secure Viewer to be able to run remotely, with independent tag values and security, even when running on the same computer as the Server (i.e. Studio Manager). This can be enabled by selecting the option "Force remote behavior" in the Secure Viewer Configuration utility (ViewerCfg.exe).
1022 Change Request Introduced the SecureViewerReload function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) to reload the Secure Viewer with a different configuration file during runtime.
1085 Change Request Fixed an issue where the operator could not use Remote Desktop Client (RDC) to access the software running on another station. The issue was introduced in a previous release, when the hardkey licensing mechanism was modified to prevent mulitple simultaneous accesses of the same hardkey.
1108 Change Request Improved the external databases interface to provide more informative log messages, especially when the maximum number of database connections is reached.
1190 Change Request Modified the Application Tags database to support up to 65488 rows.
1216 Change Request Improved the external database interface to support SQL CE 3.0 and 3.5. Please see the documentation for information on how to configure these database connections.
1259 Change Request Implemented UNICODE capabilities when sending alarm e-mails or sending e-mails using the SendEMailExt function call.
1311 Change Request Improved the OPC Server module to automatically re-register itself whenever it is started, so that it always runs with the correct DCOM credentials.
1360 Change Request Updated the software to ensure full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 (both 32-bits and 64-bits).
1384 Change Request Improved the database interface to support the latest .Net connector for MySQL.
1388 Change Request Changed the layout of the Trend Control object to make it easier to select pens during runtime. This change affects Windows PC clients only, not Windows CE clients.
1392 Change Request Modified the external databases interface to refresh hostname every time a new connection is made.
1407 Change Request Modified CEServer and the Support Information dialog to indicate the correct operating system version for Windows 7 and Windows 2008.
1418 Change Request Improved the email interface to allow custom port numbers for SMTP and POP3 servers.
664 Issue Fixed an issue where, on Windows 64-bit operating systems, the operator could use keyboard shortcuts to switch tasks even when the security settings -- specifically "Task Switch Enabled" and "Disable Task Manager" -- were configured to prevent it. See also items 1083 and 1397.
712 Issue Updated the novaPDF printer utility to work correctly on Windows 64-bit operating systems and Windows XP Embedded devices.
836 Issue Modified expression parsers to properly indicate an error when an expression uses incorrect syntax, such as "(Function)" instead of "Function()".
917 Issue Modified the Trend Control object to handle floating point values in the "Axes > Time" field when Period Type is set to "Time Before Now". Also, the object will now update the value of the tag configured in the "Axes > Time" field according to user input during runtime (e.g. when the object's X-axis scroll bar is used to change the time period being displayed).
922 Issue Fixed an issue that prevented the Service created by the "Service Configuration" utility (Tools > Service Configuration) from starting automatically when the computer boots. Also, the name of the Service will now show the full product name instead of only the company name.
926 Issue Modified the "Service Configuration" utility to run as Administrator on Windows Vista, even when the user does not explicitly choose to run it as Administrator.
928 Issue Fixed an issue where, on Windows Vista, new application projects would sometimes be saved in locations other than the user's Documents folder.
931 Issue Fixed an issue where the Trend Control object did not adjust for Daylight Saving Time on Windows CE devices.
932 Issue Fixed an issue where a Linked Symbol object would sometimes lose its custom property values when the Master Object was changed.
934 Issue Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Remote LogWin utility to close when attempting to save the log to disk.
953 Issue Modified the Viewer to properly display scroll bars when the size of an application screen is larger than the size of the Viewer window.
954 Issue Fixed an issue that caused the External Databases interface to insert a NULL value for Boolean tags, instead of the correct value of 0 or 1.
961 Issue Modified Event logging to save the User Name with the Event.
964 Issue Updated the context-sensitive help to include new items in the user interface.
973 Issue Modified the algorithm of the Global Replace feature to properly replace properties from Linked Symbols.
980 Issue Fixed an error that occurred when an application project contained the maximum number of tags allowed by the program license and then the user tried to change the properties of a tag.
981 Issue Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Div/Add and Min/Max settings in a Drivers worksheet to be ignored, resulting in raw rather than scaled tag values being written to the target device.
986 Issue Fixed an issue where the Global Replace tool did not replace tags in Linked Symbols in closed Screen files.
994 Issue Fixed an issue where the PrintSetup function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) would not accept the printer selected by the user.
995 Issue Modified the Reports task to properly handle situations where the user forgets to close the curly brackets around a tag or expression.
997 Issue Fixed an issue that caused the Convert Resolution command (Tools > Convert Resolution) to disable automatic screen scaling.
998 Issue Fixed logon issues in Mobile Access.
999 Issue Fixed the FileWrite function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) to work properly when the same text file is being used by more than one Grid or Trend Control object.
1002 Issue Fixed an issue where the Mobile Access server incorrectly incremented the number of connected users when a user disconnected without logging off — usually by closing the Web browser — and then attempted to reconnect.
1006 Issue Improved the performance of the Windows CE thin clients (both Web Thin Client and Secure Viewer) when accessing an application with an extremely long Global Procedures file.
1007 Issue Fixed the Replace button (in the Object Properties dialog) to replace string values in Linked Symbols.
1011 Issue Improved performance when communicating with several devices at the same time.
1017 Issue Fixed the RunGlobalProcedureOnServer function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) to work properly when the application is running as a Windows Service.
1018 Issue Modified the remote debugging tools (Remote Database Spy and Remote LogWin) to allow the user to cancel while tags are being loaded from the Server.
1023 Issue Fixed the Execution Environment tool to download the correct firewall configuration to Window CE devices.
1029 Issue Fixed an issue where, on certain laptops running Windows Vista 64-bit, installing the software would disable the keyboard and touchpad.
1034 Issue Fixed an issue that caused the Trend Control object to print only a blank page on certain printer models.
1035 Issue Fixed the SetViewerInFocus function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) to work properly when the application viewer is minimized.
1040 Issue Fixed an issue where a Combo Box object with the Position dynamic applied to it sometimes changed values unexpectedly.
1047 Issue Fixed the Wait function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) built-in function Wait() to work properly when used in VBScript.
1048 Issue Fixed an issue where, on some Windows CE devices, the Group column of an Alarm Control object would not update properly.
1052 Issue Fixed an issue where the Mobile Access server would sometimes reject new connections after running for a long time.
1059 Issue Fixed an issue that caused Remote Agent (running on Windows CE) to move to the background when the Setup button was clicked.
1067 Issue Fixed the Alarm Control object to delete messages properly from the alarm history.
1070 Issue Fixed the "history-to-text" conversion utility (HST2TXT.exe) to properly adjust for Daylight Saving Time.
1072 Issue Improved counting of connected users in Mobile Access.
1078 Issue Fixed the ProductVersion function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) to return the correct version number when running the Viewer module.
1083 Issue Fixed an issue where, on Windows 64-bit operating systems, the operator could use keyboard shortcuts to switch tasks even when the security settings -- specifically "Task Switch Enabled" and "Disable Task Manager" -- were configured to prevent it. See also items 664 and 1397.
1090 Issue Fixed an issue where an object with both the Position and Bargraph dynamics applied to it would not behave properly.
1091 Issue Fixed an issue where the Viewer module sometimes closed improperly after running an application that had the Virtual Keyboard/Keypad open.
1103 Issue Fixed the Trend Control object to prevent overflow when drawing the pens. The overflow for huge values could cause unexpected behavior.
1107 Issue Modified the CEView PRO License and Runtime to support up to five different communication drivers in the same application.
1110 Issue Modified the Format function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) to properly handle real values that are too big.
1112 Issue Fixed an issue where the FileCopy function (from the Built-in Scripting Language) would not copy files to a computer's root directory.
1148 Issue Fixed an issue where deleting a tag from the application database would sometimes cause the Development Environment to close unexpectedly.
1159 Issue Modified the bargraph dynamic to work correctly on Windows Mobile 6.1. The previous implementation would not work when bargraph is at 0%.
1163 Issue Modified CEView to be able to run Math worksheets and Scripts from only the compiled files (*.mac and *.isc) in the application's Config folder. The source files (*.mat and *.is) can be safely deleted to protect intellectual property.
1165 Issue Modified the historical file saving to generate a new file if the user updates the month/year, the previous implementation would look only for the day.
1175 Issue Updated the e-mail features to work properly with some specific e-mail servers.
1178 Issue Fixed problem with execution environment, it would fail to connect if you keep connecting and disconnecting using a serial connection.
1193 Issue Fixed problem when removing tags from the Application Tags Database in certain application with too many Tags of Class Type
1206 Issue Fixed the Trend Control object to properly draw a pen that has a Min/Max range outside of its Lo Limit/Hi Limit range. (For example, a Min/Max range of 0–19 and a Lo Limit/Hi Limit range of 20–80.)
1207 Issue Fixed an issue where, when a new application project was created with a Target Platform of "CEView", the Fmt setting of the Text I/O dynamic was always locked to "Auto".
1210 Issue Fixed the Virtual Keypad to avoid truncating exponential values when the associated tag's specified Max is in scientific notation.
1218 Issue Fixed an issue in Linked Symbols where editing a custom property with a direct tag reference would break indirect references (a.k.a. pointers) to the same tag. For example, #tagName:myStringTag and #tagName:@myStringTag. Now, when you change the direct tag reference, the indirect reference will be correctly updated to match.
1256 Issue Fixed an issue in Linked Symbols where, if different class members and tag fields are associated with the same property (e.g. #Prop1:TagA.MemX->B0, #Prop1:TagA.MemrY->B1), then the Symbol Properties dialog wouldincorrectly include the class member in the editable/replaceable value. Now, the Custom Properties dialog will only show the main tag as editable/replaceable.
1263 Issue Modified Auto logoff feature for CEView to work properly on some specific devices.
1276 Issue Fixed an issue in Linked Symbols where, in specific circumstances, the software would crash after the user edited a custom property in the Object Properties dialog.
1312 Issue Fixed an issue in Alarms where the "Apply Period of Time to Each Day" option would not work when the historical data was being saved to an external database.
1317 Issue Fixed an issue where, when running an application in the Web Thin Client on Internet Explorer 8, cascading application dialogs would be disabled.
1321 Issue Modified the CnfEmail function to properly handle an empty string as a parameter for pop server on the 64 bit operating systems.
1323 Issue Fixed an issue where executing a Global Replace while screens were open might have caused the development software to crash.
1338 Issue Fixed an issue where the runtime server may have frozen when running an application that called database functions in the Startup Script.
1344 Issue Fixed an issue where the runtime server may have crashed if the application's Global Procedures script was edited during runtime.
1383 Issue Fixed an issue where running an application with Smart Message objects linked to text files would cause the runtime application viewer to crash.
1390 Issue Removed "Testing Hard Key" message from output log, because it is irrelevant to runtime performance.
1393 Issue Fixed issue with FOR NEXT when using math scripts on specific Windows CE devices.
1397 Issue Fixed an issue where the operator could use keyboard shortcuts to switch tasks or close the application even when the security settings were configured to prevent it.
1416 Issue Modified Support Information window to properly display remote device information on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
ID Type Description
461 Requirement Modified the SNMP interface to support customized MIB files.
467 Requirement Created the option to "Read after writing" in the OPC Client worksheet. This option is useful to synchronize the values from the OPC Server with the values from the OPC Client, especially when the same item from the OPC Server can be updated either by the OPC Client or by the device (e.g.: PLC) connected to the OPC Server.
469 Requirement The driver task was modified to eliminate the limit of 81 characters when reading/writing string data from/to the device(s). This item will only be available for drivers using the new Driver Toolkit and that use the Driver Standard to set the string values.
473 Requirement Created the SNMPSet() built-in function, which allows the user to write values to OID addresses, using the SNMP protocol.
476 Requirement Created the SMA (Studio Mobile Access) solution, which allows the users to visualize online alarms and tag values from any remote device, such as a cell phone, PDA, or regular computer, using any web browser capable of displaying HTML pages.
478 Requirement Created a new option on the Help menu, called “Support Information”. This option displays information about the local system, and about the (remote) target system (if any) connected through the Execution Environment interface. The information displayed by this option is especially useful when requesting technical support.
500 Requirement It was created the option to run the product (runtime) as a “Service”, in addition to the existing default mode to run the product as a regular “Windows Application”.
502 Requirement Created option to compress files before sending them through the Execution Environment to the Remote Agent. Consult the product documentation (Execution Environment) for further information about how to enable this option.
464 Change Request Improved the internal structure of the Security System.
471 Change Request Improved the performance when scanning multiple channels along with computed channels from the FlukeDAQ device.
546 Change Request The FileWrite() built-in function was modified to support UNICODE format in addition to the already supported ASCII format.
549 Change Request Improved the error message displayed when an ActiveX control configured on the screen cannot the loaded. The improved message describes the possible causes of the error.
555 Change Request Enhanced the development environment to set the startup state of the following tasks to "Automatic" (instead of "Manual") when creating the first worksheet for each one of them, respectively: OPCClient, TCPClient, Database Client, DDE Client, and ODBC Client.
558 Change Request Created an option in the "Project Settings --> Runtime Desktop" dialog to execute only the command for the topmost object, when clicking on objects that overlap.
565 Change Request Improved Import Wizard to configure the OPC Client Task to start automatically after creating OPC worksheets and set the scope of imported tags to "Server" instead of "Local".
583 Change Request The Text I/O dynamic was modified to display the warning message "Invalid entry. Please enter a numeric value." during the runtime, when the user attempts to enter a non-numerical value for a numeric tag (Boolean, Integer, or Real).
598 Change Request The default file type supported by the Import Wizard for the "TwinCAT PLC Database" was modified from "SYM" to "TPY".
605 Change Request The message "Verify Application was completed successfully. Check the Output window for a complete log of this command" will be displayed after finishing the execution of the Verify Application command from the Tools menu.
606 Change Request It was created a warning message to be displayed when saving a Trend worksheet, as long as the changes implemented in the Trend worksheet will result in incompatibility with the proprietary history files created previously by the same application.
608 Change Request It was created a new parameter called "SendEveryState" (under the section [ISSymbol]) for the <ApplicationName>.APP file. When this parameter is set with the value 0 (default), ISSymbol (Viewer, Secure Viewer, or Web Thin Client) sends every state (tag values) to the Server only for tags that are configured in the Driver or OPC Client worksheet, as long as the option "Driver and OPC" from "Project --> Settings --> Communication" is set to "Send Every State". When this parameter is set with the value 1, ISSymbol (Viewer, Secure Viewer, or Web Thin Client) sends every state (tag values) to the Server for all tags.
614 Change Request There were created additional options for project resolution when creating a new project or when converting the resolution of the current project. Furthermore, it was created an option where the user can customize any resolution (width and height) for the project, different from the pre-defined options.
634 Change Request The CEView program was modified to start the application faster, especially for applications that have thousands of lines configured in the Global Procedures interface.
636 Change Request Created read-only field SendEveryState, which is automatically set by the run-time and forces the graphical interface to report all the tag changes to the Server Module.
639 Change Request Created an option to configure a custom tag to trigger the MAIN DRIVER SHEET read commands. This parameter can be configured in the <ApplicationName>.APP, as follows:[Options]MainDrvAlwaysTrigger=BlinkSlow
643 Change Request The project (<ApplicationName>.APP file) can be configured to download external ActiveX controls and register them automatically on the Thin Client station. This algorithm was modified to show an error message if, after downloading and installing the control, we don't find it in the registry (probably because the user specified a wrong CLSID). Also modified to download the control using relative path (see Technical Reference manual for details)
652 Change Request Changed the TCP Client task to support IP:PORT in the "Server IP Address" field.
654 Change Request The screen editor was modified to resize objects proportionally (keeping the ratio between width and height) when using the handlers drawn on the corners of the selected object. When pressing the SHIFT key, the user is able to resize the object changing the ratio between its width and height.
655 Change Request The OPC Client task was modified to improve its reliability and report errors, if any, to the Output Window (LogWin) when connecting or communicating with third-party OPC Servers.
657 Change Request The TCP/IP Client task was modified to set the quality of the tags configured in its worksheets to BAD when the TCP/IP Client detects errors when trying to communicate with the remote TCP/IP Server. In order to enable the TCP/IP Client task to modify the quality of tags, the new parameter "SetQualityToBadOnError" from the [TCP] section of the <ApplicationName>.APP must be set to 1.
663 Change Request The Linked Symbol was enhanced, allowing the user to group Custom Properties in different categories and filter the properties per category when editing the objects. The new syntax supported by the Linked Symbol is "#Category.CustomProperty:DefaultValue", where the "Category" and the "DefaultValue" are optional.
711 Change Request CEView was enhanced to support the Picture object, available from “Edit --> Past Link”. CEView supports picture files in the formats BMP and JPG.
717 Change Request The default setting from "Project --> Setting --> Communication --> Driver and OPC" was modified for new applications. The new default setting is "Send every state" instead of "Send last state".
780 Change Request The Alarm/Event Control was enhanced to support a third optional column when configuring the initial sort.
794 Change Request Changed default for the Virtual Keyboard Show Hint configuration in Project->Settings->Runtime Desktop. The default is now enabled for new projects.
839 Change Request The graphic interface was enhanced to support background pictures for screens with resolution as large as 10000 x 10000 (pixels).
877 Change Request The built-in SaveAlarmFile() function was enhanced to support the Database format, in addition to the Proprietary and Binary formats, which were supported previously.
924 Change Request Increased the size of the "Yes" and "No" buttons in the confirm dialog.
455 Issue Modified the algorithm implemented by the 'Replace' feature of the 'Object Properties' dialog window, in order to handle properly specific syntaxes, such as: Array indexes with expression (e.g.: Tag[TagID+1]), and class members and tag fields associated to the same custom property (e.g.: #Prop:Class.Member and #Prop:Class.Member->Field).
458 Issue Improved the algorithm for the Alarm Deadband Time to make sure it works properly, even if the internal clock of the station moves backwards.
462 Issue Modified Secure Viewer to display the tag values properly when switching to screens after logging with different users more than once on the startup screen.
465 Issue Modified Web Thin Client control (ISSymbol) to support the "Print Preview" option from the Web Browser (Internet Explorer).
480 Issue Modified the DirDelete() built-in function to avoid deleting all files from the root directory of the C drive when executing the function with no parameters.
484 Issue The algorithm that sorts the addresses in the communication driver MAIN DRIVER SHEET was modified to guarantee that the addresses are properly organized in virtual communication groups.
486 Issue The error messages indicating that VBScript is not supported by the device are no longer displayed when the user switches from one screen to another. When the device does not support VBScript, the error message will be displayed only once when running the application.
541 Issue Modified the GetLine() function to return the value of the first row of the text file properly when the format of the file is UNICODE. The initial UNICODE char (0xFEFF) used to indicate the file format is properly ignored by the function.
542 Issue The graphic interface was modified to support the DayOfYear system tag both on the Server and on the Thin Client stations.
543 Issue Modified Execution Environment to support the "Microsoft ActiveSync" connection type when linking the development environment with devices running Windows Mobile v5.0 or v6.0.
544 Issue The RunVBScript() built-in function was modified to avoid memory leaking.
548 Issue Grid column editor was modified to avoid exceptions.
550 Issue Modified the product to guarantee that the user is able to add shared tags in applications created under Windows Vista.
554 Issue Modified the Trend Control to avoid generating overflow errors in VBScripts when a pen configured in the Trend Control has a very low value (e.g.: 1e-100).
562 Issue The Trend Task was modified to support String tags. When the Trend History Format is set to "Proprietary", the value of the String tag is converted to a numeric value before being saved into the history file.
563 Issue The Viewer process was modified to display the value of the "Description" tag field properly (e.g.: TagName->Description).
575 Issue Modified the linked symbols to display property tooltips properly even when using grouped properties.
581 Issue The screen editor was modified to keep the relative position among the selected objects, even when moving them through the borders of the screen.
596 Issue Fixed the memory leaking issue when generating and displaying event messages with more than 64 characters (each).
597 Issue The email notification from the Alarm Task was modified to avoid crashing after attempting to send several emails unsuccessfully.
601 Issue Modified the Import Wizard for OPC Server Databases to support more than 4096 tags from the OPC Server, as long as the current license allows it.
603 Issue Removed the "Remote" option from the Import Wizard for Studio Database to avoid instability issues on the current architecture.
617 Issue The graphic module was modified to guarantee that the values for tag fields are properly retrieved, even when using indirect tags (@TagName->TagFieldName) to access the tag field value.
618 Issue Modified the Grid object to avoid errors when opening a screen with a Grid object (Data Source = Class Tag) where the same member of the class tag was configured in more than one column of the Grid object. The error would occur only if the Grid object was configured in the startup screen.
623 Issue Modified the Viewer task to avoid exception errors when defining an expression for custom properties in object dynamics (e.g.: #CustomPropertyName:TagName>10). The error occurred only when running the application under Windows CE.
641 Issue The development environment was modified to support the built-in functions StartTask(), EndTask(), and IsTaskRunning() on any interface that supports expressions, even if the project is set to CEView (Target System).
648 Issue The Smart Message object was modified to display the last message configured in the object, even when it is configured to blink.
650 Issue The Security System was modified to make sure that Studio is able to load the application when the option "Use preferentially the Remote Security System" from the Security System is enabled, even if the Remote Security System station is not available.
658 Issue The driver task was modified to avoid exception errors when running projects configured with more than 4095 tags in the MAIN DRIVER SHEET. The problem occurred only with drivers that did not impose the maximum block size for virtual groups from the MAIN DRIVER SHEET.
659 Issue The Driver task was modified to guarantee that the writing commands from the MAIN DRIVER SHEET have higher priority than the reading commands from the same MAIN DRIVER SHEET.
668 Issue The Thin Client control (ISSymbol) was modified to improve the performance when switching screens, especially when the Primary Server is not available and the Thin Client station is connected to the Secondary Server (redundancy).
674 Issue Improved Import Wizard to configure the Driver Task to start automatically after creating driver worksheets.
698 Issue The Execution Environment was modified to make the Serial Port configuration persistent.
703 Issue The Remote Agent for PC (e.g.: Windows XP/Vista/2003 Server) was modified to avoid conflicts when trying to run it along with the Studio runtime.
707 Issue The settings from the “Project Settings” dialog were updated to match the actual default settings for title bar, menu, and status bar.
708 Issue The device driver for the USB Hardkey was updated to solve incompatibility issues with 64-bits operating systems, such as Windows Vista 64-bits or Windows 2008 64-bits.
716 Issue The PrintWindow() built-in function was modified to run properly under Windows CE.
739 Issue The Studio ADO Gateway (StADOSvr.exe) was modified to support timestamp with milliseconds precision for the history tasks: Alarm, Event, and Trend.
740 Issue Resolved problem with daylight savings when running the Fluke DAQ devices.
752 Issue Modified algorithm for Print Preview to prevent problems when using the system close button (upper right x) to close the Print Preview window.
758 Issue Modified VBScript compilation to properly handle pointers to integers. The current algorithm was causing the assignment @MyIntegerPointer=1 to be handled as @MyIntegerPointer=True and as a result the integer tag being pointed to would receive -1.
759 Issue The following tag fields were modified to assume the value 1 when writing any value different from 0 to them: “Ack”, “AlrDisable”,  and “Unack”.
764 Issue Fixed problem with Trend Control when saving the Min/Max values for pens that have not been added to the trend run-time. The trend was saving the Min/Max as 0 for these pens and if the user inserted them after loading the configuration (which happens when you close and open a trend screen) the pen would be inserted with Min/Max of 0.
767 Issue The behavior of the State field used to filter messages from the Alarm/Event Control object was modified to support the following options:0: No filter (all states)1: Active and not acknowledged2: Active and acknowledged3: Normalized and acknowledged4: Normalized and not acknowledged
771 Issue The Import Wizard for the “TwinCAT PLC database” was modified to avoid setting the type of String tags imported from the TPY file as Real tags.
777 Issue The behavior of the screen dynamics was modified to avoid triggering command dynamic when the object is updated by other dynamics.
786 Issue Modified the option "Import Strings" in the translation tool to include the header texts from objects that support column header (Alarm, Trend Legend and Grid).
796 Issue Modified the built-in function Hst2Txt() to prevent exceptions when invalid parameters are specified.
799 Issue Fixed problem with functions DateTime2Clock, ClockGetDate and ClockGetTime when running on Windows Vista.
800 Issue Modified the screen editor to avoid asking if the user wants to save screens with the Trend object, even if the user did not implemented changes on it.
804 Issue Modified the development environment not to reset tag values when the run-time is running and the same application is loaded in the development environment by using the command "RunStudio AppName" or by double clicking in the application file.
813 Issue Improved the performance of TWCAT import wizard and implemented algorithm to ignore pointers when importing.
860 Issue Modified the built-in Virtual Keyboards to display the correct ASCII character when pressing the space bar on the Virtual Keyboard.
861 Issue Trend control was modified to resolve problem with break interval when the break happens between the first two samples and then to consecutive samples.
879 Issue The graphic module for Windows CE was modified to avoid displaying "#" characters instead of actual values. The problem would occur when configuring specific expressions with Custom Properties.
892 Issue Fixed problem with Pocket PC that would generate exceptions when switching between screens in some specific Windows CE devices.
893 Issue The device driver for the USB Hardkey (beige) was updated to avoid memory leaking that could result in a system crash.
895 Issue Modified hardkey license interface to address compatibility issues with Windows 2008.
908 Issue Modified the Viewer module not to reload screens when tags with retentive parameters have their parameter values changed.
911 Issue Modified Linked Symbols capability to support combo boxes even on HMIs with ARMV4I processors.
913 Issue Fixed problem with Text I/O when used on Screens with Hide option enabled. The hide would cause the Text I/O to be loaded only in the first time that you open the screen.

InduSoft Web Studio v6.1 + Service Pack 6 + Patch 3 - Known Issues (Wednesday, June 09, 2010)

ID Type Description
ID Type Description
604 Issue The column to delete alarm messages from the Alarm/Event object, when configured as the first column, is displayed too small on Windows Vista. [WORKAROUND]: Configure any other field as the first column.
626 Issue Remote on-line screen update does not work when downloading large screen files to specific devices. [WORKAROUND]: Stop the application and execute the "Send Application" command.
715 Issue The web tunneling gateway installer does not complete successfully on windows 7 and server 2008. The Web Tunneling gateway also does not function as expected under windows Vista. The behavior exist on both 32 and 64 bit [WORKAROUND]:
757 Issue The Message Box from VBScript is displayed behind the screen when called from a background script. [WORKAROUND]: Call the Message Box from the Graphic Script, based on the condition triggered by the background script.
873 Issue When the user has only one pen in the trend and the Min/Max is not specified, the trend uses the point color to show the label instead of using the Y Axis font color. [WORKAROUND]: Add a second pen to the Trend Control and make the second pen invisible.
884 Issue Thin Client stations take a long time to load some screens for the first time. [WORKAROUND]: Configure objects on the screen with the tags used in the screen script. For example, transparent rectangle  with tags in the Caption.
894 Issue Evaluation mode does not work on Windows Vista and Windows 7. [WORKAROUND]: Run the development environment at least once as Administrator (right-click > Run as Administrator).
1089 Issue Driver task writes old value to the PLC when using Send Last State and causes value flicker when using Send Every State [WORKAROUND]: Use the option Send Every State
1192 Issue Removing an alarm worksheet does not remove the corresponding alarm configuration in the Tag Properties->Alarms-Integer/Real Type tab. [WORKAROUND]: After you delete the Alarm worksheet, go to Tag Properties and manually delete the individual alarms on the tag.Otherwise, delete all of the lines in the Alarm worksheet before you delete the worksheet itself.
1201 Issue Batch file load fails on Trend object when using Database format for Trend task [WORKAROUND]: Lookup the batchHistory table, retrieve the Start_Date and End_Time, calculate the Duration and pass those paramters to the Trend Object without using Batch on it.
1314 Issue Execution Environment is not handling well when an app was already deployed to a WinXP system and you want now to download it to a WinCE targe, and vice-versa [WORKAROUND]: Close the application and edit the RemoteAppDir key on the APP file using notepad.
1322 Issue Cascading popup windows do not work correctly on web thin client and secure viewer [WORKAROUND]: If you click again on the button to open the 2nd Popup Window it will come to the front
1335 Issue Text in linked symbols is not imported by the Import String Application feature of the Translation Tool [WORKAROUND]: * add the linked symbol(s) to some temporary screen * right-click on the linked symbol(s) to unlink it * save and close the screen * import your strings using the translation tool * delete the temporary screen.
1602 Issue SendEmailExt is creating an invalid "To" header [WORKAROUND]: A work around is to include a display name in your address specification when you invoke the SendEmailExt ()  as follows,    SendEmailExt("subject","body","John Smith <John.Smith@indusoft.com>")