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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) encompasses any application that gets operating data about a system to control and optimize it.

SCADA automation allows businesses to monitor their equipment, reduce inefficiency and waste, communicate process outcomes throughout the organization, and monitor performance across disparate systems. Remaining competitive means continually finding new ways to operate faster and leaner. The pressure is always on to increase productivity, efficiency, agility, quality, and profitability while minimizing costs.

Critical Questions to Ask When Selecting SCADA Software

When deciding to automate or improve existing automation, start by considering how your requirements will evolve over the next 15 years (the typical lifecycle of a SCADA system). Are you able to anticipate your expected needs during that period of evolving automation maturity?

It is nearly impossible to predict changing automation requirements over such a period, especially as the connectivity capabilities of plant equipment change. That’s why it’s important to understand not only what available technology can do for you today, what technology you may need in the future. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the short and long-term corporate objectives? Is the proposed automation consistent with these objectives?
  • What under-the-hood functionality will really help the business over the long haul?
  • How will the technology eliminate or reduce current inefficiencies and costs?

Here's a quick overview of a few of the features that make InduSoft Web Studio such an excellent solution for SCADA applications of any size.

Why InduSoft Web Studio?


Dashboards – Create easy to read, reusable dashboards allow you to make informed decisions quickly.


Remote Capabilities – Read/Write access to your SCADA system from any device and any browser supporting HTML5. No virtual or remote desktops required – just publish for the web and access your application from any browser that supports HTML5. 


Security – We built InduSoft Web Studio with SCADA security in mind. Security can be set on each runtime individually or networked to a central security system such as Active Directory. InduSoft Web Studio provides user and group level security.  Require a minimum password size, set the number of days a password is active, enable Auto Log Off, lock out the account after invalid attempts, or use E-signatures. 


Patented Database Connectivity - You can’t fix what you can’t measure. InduSoft Web Studio can easily provide data from the plant floor to third-party systems (e.g. ERP, MES) or get data from them.

InduSoft Web Studio can interface with any relational database supported by a valid ADO.NET Provider, OLE DB provider or ODBC driver. Easily communicate with SQL databases, including Microsoft SQL Server current versions. 


OPC UA – InduSoft Web Studio provides native OPC interfaces, such as OPC UA (Client/Server), OPC DA (Client/Server), OPC XML (Client), OPC .NET (Client), and OPC HDA (Server). OPC UA and OPC DA also offers native redundancy configuration.


Built-In Drivers - InduSoft Web Studio provides over 250 native communication protocols for PLCs, robots, temperature controllers and more!

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