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System Redundancy

(51 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

5 Types of Redundancy
  • Web Thin Client
  • Secure Viewer
  • Database
  • Controllers
  • HMI/SCADA Tags

Cloud Webinar

(64 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

  • Definition
  • Deployment/Service Models
  • Benefits
  • Real World Application with Darryl Vipond of Vipond Controls
  • Q & A

Symbols Video

(23 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

  • Linked Symbols
  • Project and System symbols
  • Creating your own symbol libraries
  • Copying to system symbols
  • Changing symbol size

Database Connectivity and Redundancy Webinar Video

(61 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

  • Interface and abstraction
  • How it works
  • Typical architectures
  • Redundancy modes
  • Q and A

Vídeo de Treinamento Multi Touch

(36 min, 48 sec) (Vídeo em Inglês)

Vídeo de Treinamento demonstrando o uso dessa característica no InduSoft web Studio v7.1 service pack 1. As características incluem gestos para movimentação, aumentar e diminuir zoom, rotacionar e até personalizar seu próprio gesto.

Use InduSoft Web Studio to create flexible reports

(15 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

Use InduSoft Web Studio to create flexible reports (15 min.)

  • Create a text based report
  • Add buttons with print and view functions
  • Add a report based on HTML
  • Add buttons to print the HTML report and open in a browser

Packaging SCADA Webinar

(52 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

Packaging SCADA Webinar (52 min.)

  • Packaging Market
  • Advantage of the InduSoft solution
  • Template Application
  • Real World Examples
  • Belvac Production Machinery Example, with Stephen Packer

Building Automation Webinar

(56 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

Building Automation Webinar (56 min.)

  • Building Automation Market
  • Templates
  • Real world solutions
  • University of Texas Energy Management

Best Practices Webinar

(1 hr., 6 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

InduSoft Web Studio 7.0+SP1 Best Practices (1 hr., 6 min.)

  • Designing a new project
  • Tags Database
  • Graphic Interface
  • General
  • Performance Optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Deploy the Project

DB Trend

(Vídeo em Inglês)

Demonstrates how to save and retrieve data from MS SQL Server Express using the Trend task and the Trend Control

DBAccess 2007 Functions

(Vídeo em Inglês)

Demonstrates how to execute any SQL command to an external database using the functions of InduSoft Web Studio

Interacting with a .NET Control using InduSoft Web Studio

(5 min, 18 sec.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

Demo showing two different ways to interact with a .NET Cotrol in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, by using a tag directly in the control or by using VBScript and setting the property directly.

Multi Language SCADA Software

(4 min, 3 sec.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

SCADA software video on the Multi Language feature of InduSoft Web Studio which covers instant application translation with support for Unicode character sets such as Cyrillic fonts and Chinese characters and Kanji. (4 min, 3 sec.)

InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 Tips and Tricks

(5 min, 56 sec.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

New SCADA software video for InduSoft Web Studio. These tips and tricks for IWS users are a great way to save time in development. (5 min, 56 sec.)


  • Disable Drag - Use Control-D to lock a screen in place and prevent accidental moving of objects while still allowing configuration. This is saved on a screen by screen basis.
  • Right click on a Screen or Screen Group in the tree view of the project explorer to “set as startup” rather than using the Project –Viewer menu.
  • The “Tag count” is now shown on the status bar in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Use the Shift key in conjunction with the arrow keys to move objects by the grid spacing or pixel by pixel for exact placement.
  • How to create perfect squares, and circles and position objects exactly where you want them

InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 Quick Start Guide

(10 min, 3 sec.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

This quick start guide will help users find their way around for the first time in InduSoft Web Studio. Take advantage of all the great tools our SCADA software provides! (10 min, 3 sec.)

  • Great demos included on the DVD that will allow you to take apart applications and see how they were put together.
  • How to create a new project in IWS on any supported Microsoft operating system, from Windows Server editions to Windows Embedded and Windows CE.
  • Choose a customer resolution, or a default resolution that will scale according to the application. This is a great way to future proof your SCADA software application.
  • Learn to set background colors using custom colors, insert items from the included symbol library, and create tags.
  • Learn to make buttons, and apply tag values to text or image animations.
  • Run applications locally, or on a remote device that can be managed remotely.
  • A multiple screen application for InduSoft Web Studio can be created and run within minutes!

IWS QuickStart

(9 min 31 sec.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

Quickly demonstrates how to create and run a simple InduSoft Web Studio v6.1 application (9 min 31 sec.)


  • Creating a new application
  • Adding a slider
  • Configuring a new tag
  • Screen change buttons
  • Creating a lamp and changing its colors based on a tag change

Introduction to InduSoft

(58 min, 57 sec.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

  • Corporate overview
  • Product positioning
  • Product technologies
  • Product features
  • Benefits
  • Demonstration

Indusoft Driver Configuration Webinar

(111 min.) (Vídeo em Inglês)

  • The need for Comm Drivers in HMI/SCADA Software
  • InduSoft Web Studio architecture
  • Driver configuration
  • Optimizing your communication
  • Troubleshooting
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